Yoast SEO WordPress plugin tutorial

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial Tips and Tricks

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Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial. Here you can find information about important performance metrics of this plugin.

Yoast Plugin Best Tips and Tricks

Go only with Premium version if you have enough budget.

For Beginners free one is enough for you.

Yoast Premium Plugin features:

Can focus on Multiple keywords

Orphaned Content:

Interlinking strategy

Automatic Redirection of Old URLs

REGEX ( Regular expressions) redirects:

Conditional redirects

Like If pages are from Digital Marketing

Social Preview Feature:

If your post is shared on Social media platform, how its preview is appearing can be known by this feature.

Access to Yoast Academy.

Free access to academy to its users.

What is Open Graph/knowledge?

It is preview shown, when we share our URL links on social media ( Facebook Etc)

What is Meta Data?

In Google search engine page For Example: If we are searching for any organization

In right side that particular organization social media profiles are display, that is because of Google Meta data feature.

Taxonomy: Group

What is Cornerstone article?

  • Important page or post or article on your website
  • When you mark any article as cornerstone.
  • Then SEO, Readability analysis option become more strict, you need to optimized it well.

Text link counter?

You can know outgoing and incoming internal links.

–>Bulk Editor Features

–>Go to Yoast Tools

You will find bulk editor, file editor, import and export settings.

What are transition words?

These are words when added in the content, make easy
for the users to understand your content.


You need to give information what about in paragraph
set up step procedure.

  • There are many types of Transition words.
  • It is one of the important factor readability factor of SEO.
  • Always structure your text well. Make it sample rather than complex.
  • It may also help to rank well in Google search engines results page. Related everything in systematic manner.

Pro tip: If you see readability as red, orange try changing your sentences it will come as green.

Sub Heading distribution:

If your content is long, try Headings H3, H4 Etc.

Passive voice:

Don’t use complex sentences in your content. Always make easy to understand.

Example: Friend Helped me : Active

I was helped by friend: Passive (Complex somewhat difficult to recognize).

If your content is long, try Headings H3, H4 Etc.

Consecutive Sentences:

Avoid repeating the same words in sentences.

Paragraph Length:

Avoid long paragraphs, limit it to not more than 200 Words.

Short sentences:

Avoid long sentences, it will have bad user experience.

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