Google HTML Versus XML Sitemap SEO And Which is the Best?

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Google HTML vs XML Sitemap SEO which is better?. It contains list of page on a particular website. It is used to notify Google about pages, posts on your website, blog. Sitemaps also contains any URLs that may have not find out by the Google bot by regular crawling process.

Both the sitemaps are important for the website owners. Each of them got its own importance. Always XML Sitemap SEO is must and should for you.

Is there are serious issues for Having a sitemap?

No way. Sitemaps are very important for search engines. Having them will not be a issue for you.

Difference between HTML and SEO Sitemap:
HTML sitemap ( lower case ):
  • It displays the structure of website.
  • It also helps the users to find a page if they have problem with browsing.
  • By implementing this you can have a good crawl coverage of pages, posts.
  •  For Better User Experience you need to use HTML Sitemap.
  •  These are made visible to users.
On the other hand You have XML sitemap SEO ( Upper case )
  • It can be submit by means of Google webmaster tools. 
  • These are not made visible to visitors ( your website or blog users)
  • If you submit then it makes Google to easily discover content, pages on your website or blog.
  • You have various Free XML sitemap Generators by which you can create sitemap for your website.
  • It plays a vital role in Search engine optimization. 
  • Learn about various practices related to XML Sitemap SEO and implement them effectively. 
  • It helps to tackle duplicate content issues.     
  • Don’t add multiple XML sitemaps for your website as it may result various risks. Don’t confuse search engines.
It is advice by the Google to prepare, Create two sitemaps
  • One For users, visitors’ ( that is HTML sitemap)
  • Other for Search engines especially for Google ( XML Sitemap) 
  • Don’t get confuse both of them are important. So better to have them both for your website/blog. 
  • Allow your website to perform well in search engine and to have great user experience. 
HTML sitemap SEO Best Practices.
  • In this avoid broken or dead links.
  • Organize them in well manner. ( Don’t mess up each and every thing)
  • Have  a neat design.
  • Have a easy Navigation.
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Wrap Up : HTML and XML sitemap SEO plays a vital role. So better to have both of them. Give more importance to XML sitemap.  I hope you like this article on  HTML Vs XML sitemap

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