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What is SERP ? ” Know about Google Search engine results Page SERP. In this you have Snippet? Where it comes from? Text which appears beneath the title in the search results is called as snippet.

It is Give summary about the web page. It is very important for small and large business. If not available in page then it is taken from Open directory. It is also taken directly with in the content.

For many companies their social profiles information is also displayed in Google search engine results page. Organic results are important for the people as it drive website visitors and sales. Learn all the techniques how to get top position in Google SERP. In other search engines also you have results page.

Once your have clear idea about What is SERP , then focus on How to get serp ranking.

Meta description tag

  • You can use own Meta description tag. It is advice to have this tag meaningful; users need to find the interest in it. It also shows the cache in the Google Search engine results page that is SERP. By using this last time the crawlers crawl the information can be known.
  • Some search engine results changes as per the situation and events. For Example: For Any New event. Google displays different results. Google love fresh content, it keeps in mind users requirements. Google time to time changes it ranking algorithm. SO you need to be get alert for those updates.
  • Snapshot of the pages will also be appeared in Google search engine results page. A message is displayed in the starting you can test it practically. 

URL And Sitelinks:

  • URL is display for you in the green color. Sitelinks are shown for the users. Google SERP also shows the maps and review information if available. Similar pages details can be get by the people from Google itself.

  • Title is shown as blue color in the search engine results page at the bottom of the page location and feedback details can be seen by you. Title optimization plays a important role in SEO. Pay special attention to on page optimization.

  • Ads are also shown based on the policy of the Google Adwords it is called as in organic results. Time to time ads are shown in SERP for the users. 

Is there any SERP Checker Tool?

  • Yes, you have many Google SERP ranking tools to know about position of keywords.
  • For Example: AHREFS allow its users to know about updated keywords positions in search engine result page. Look for other SERP tool also.
  • There are many SERP Keyword Tracker tools to check about your current status of ranking.
  • SERP Analysis must be done to know about we your are lagging in terms of keyword positioning.  Observe Analytics reports and take right action to rank well in Google. SERP tracking tool is important for you.

For Google Search Page Diagram

Watch this Video of Matt Cutts and get more information on Google search Results Page Here

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