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What is SEO Search Engine Optimization In Easy Language? How it Begin

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What is SEO ? First of all its full form is search engine optimization. It is vast topic to discuss, once you go deep in this concept all things be clear for you. In simple words you can consider this as Internet marketing strategy.

By knowing this once can know how search engines works, what users are interested in, Audiences and other various factors. Now you got to know about acronym. Wait! big ocean is ahead.

SEO Definition:

It is use to drive traffic to the website. By using this you can build up your brand and can have online reputation. Those are interested in this field must also know about what is Search Engine and how it works.

Now come to the full form you have word optimization. In this field it optimizing mean editing the content, writing the content by following the rules of the search engine, using the right keywords.
SEO Meaning? 
Still not got what is SEO is? Then doesn’t worry go step by step and find the complete information. Remember Search engine optimization is all about the practical’s. One can only understand when they work practically.
By using this you can get higher positions in the SERP that is search engine results page. It is also the process of improving the visibility of the website. Google does not take money in order to include your site or blog it is search Engine.
Browse other details such as SEO Tutorials, Techniques, Tools and Tips for the Search Engine Optimization.

SEO helps business and individuals to drive quality traffic to their websites and blogs. Know about in detailed SEO Definition. It mainly deals with Organic Traffic;.

Now what is Organic Traffic?

It is an traffic that you got purely from SERP ( Search Engine result page). People type keywords search terms in Google and comes to your website.

For Example: Home services.

How SEO Works?

It works based on certain rules and regulations. Especially Google uses crawlers technology to find websites.

People do Optimization to their website as per the Rules.

  • They write Unique content
  • Use related Keywords
  • Use Proper Images.
  • Insert Internal Links.

Once they are done, they index their website with the help of Google Search Console

Google indexes particular website and show in their results. Once user types related terms in Google. Then its display lot of results.

Users click on links which ever he or she likes and goes to that particular website.

How to Learn SEO?

Lot of Digital Marketing institutes are offering SEO certifications. Paid and free of cost courses are available for you. Lot of resources are available to learn.

You must also learn about Local SEO to deal with local business.

If I take course and can become master?

No, Like that, its is about practical’s. You need to start implementing all  techniques. It will take time, it depends on your interest.

How fruitful is SEO Career?

It is not restricted to particular country. Google SEO field is globally recognized. Where there is internet there is SEO. Lot of career opportunities are available for executives. Now a days lot of MNCs and organizations world wide are hiring  professionals to boost their business.

What all SEO positions can have?

After you become master . You can designate yourself as

  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Executive
  •  Manager
  •  Content Strategist Etc.

SEO Where to Start? Why is So Important

Start from beginning. Go step by step. Don’t be in hurry. First finish on page optimization concepts. Then start learning about Off Page optimization. In one day you will not master, it will take time. Have patience and learn various techniques

How to do ?

First learn about it. Then you need to use Blogger and WordPress platforms to improve your skills. Learn WordPress as lot of people using this these days.

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