what is network in computer system

What is Network in Computer System ? Types LAN | WAN |MAN

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What is Network in Computer System ?: Two computers connected with each other is called as Network. You have various Networks.

  1. LAN
  2. MAN
  3. WAN

What is LAN Network?

  • It establishes connection between two or more local machines within local area.
  • It connects c0mputers, devices with in limited area.

Range: 10-1000m

Example: College computer Lab, offices.

In LAN one computer becomes server others are clients

LAN Components:

  1. Work stations
  2. File servers
  3. Gateway: Communication with particular PC
  4. Network interfacing unit at allow/disallow
  5. Hubs
  6. Communication channels/ LAN cables


  • Example one printer can be connected to 20 computers
  • File transfer
  • Personal computing: between two commuters
  • document sharing

Example: Ethernet, WIFI

What is MAN network with example?

MAN : Metropolitan area network

It convers multiple cities, towns

Range: 5-50 KM

Example: Cable TV


What is WAN network with example?

WAN: Wide area network

It covers countries, continents

Virtually or physically, computer has global connection

Through telephone lines and satellite

Example : Internet

Range: 10,00000 KM

Lets see what is computer network and its types in summary:

Full Form Local area network Metropolitan Area Network Wide Area network
Covers Limited area Cities, Towns Countries, Continents
Range 10-1000m 5-50 KM 10,0000 KM
Example Offices, Computer LAB Cable TV Network Internet

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