What is Malware in Cyber Security

What is Malware in Cyber Security? | Types | Examples n Mitigation

Cyber Security
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What is Malware in Cyber Security?, Computer

It is Malicious or bad code, which is design to do wrong activity

Design to damage a system, steal information

Examples of Malware

  • It can add, modify, delete the data.
  • It  collects sensitive data
  • It can stop running services
  • It can shut down the system

How to prevent Malware?


  • Install AV with latest up-to-date signatures (hash values)
  • Use Ad blockers
  • Educate the users

Types of Malware

What is Virus?

  • It effects clean files
  • Usually .exe files
  • Requires user action to spread.

What is Worm?

  • Effects other systems
  • Multiple copies
  • Shared folders, open ports, networks (Printers)
  • User action not needed to spread

What is Trojan?

It looks like legitimate software but internally collects all information.

How Virus is made?

Attackers develop the code and injects in the machines.

What is Spyware?

It can be by software you installed captures

Key strokes

And provide information to attackers

What is Ransomware?

Encryption of files.

In-return attackers ask money. Usually in Crypto Currency.

How you can prevent your organization from ransomware attacks?

By Network Segregation:

It involves separation of critical networks from
Less sensitive internal networks

By Network Segmentation:

It involves splitting, division of large networks into smaller ones

What is Adware?

website open, Popup ads,

Annoying user experience

By Ad Blockers you can control

What is Botnets?

Perform automated tasks

Network of infected computers work under the control of hackers.

What is RAT?

RAT: Remote access trojans

Attackers gains un authorized access to remote machines

Trick user to perform certain action.

Email a worm can automatically send copy of itself to all the users in your address book

What are Drive by download?

Unintentionally they download of malicious code

Example: Simply visiting a website can activate the download

By outdated apps, browsers, OS


  • Keep software up to date
  • Install web filtering software
  • Adds-on on browsers
  • Not to visit untrusted websites

What are Fileless Malware?

It Hides in Memory un-detected


  • Use EDR tools to monitor and detect suspicious activities
  • Disable shell scripting, power-shell command line where ever not required

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