What is IAAA in Cyber security

What is IAAA in Cyber Security ? With Simple Examples

Cyber Security
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What is IAAA in Cyber Security ? It means Identification, Authentication, Authorization and Accountability. It frame work for access control. 

  • Also called as Triple A model
  • It is important concept to understand objectives of  Cyber security.

Let see each of the term in detailed.


  • Every user should be identified by unique ID
  • You can say to identify Who are you

For Example : Username, Employee number, Login ID Etc.


  • Need to protect identification of the user
  • Somebody may use your system. 
  • Need to verify its you are not
  • Here you need to prove Who are you.

Example: Multiple factor authentication like OTP.


  • Privileges, what type of information he can access
  • You can say access control and rights.
  • Here What you can access and permissions you have

Example: Admin full access ( control)
Normal users: ready only, access is restricted.


  • Auditing of logs
  • Logs should be protected
  • Actions performed by the user require to be traceable, who has done the particular activity.

Example: tracing of user activity : what action done by user?

If he does any wrong he will be responsible for such thing and can be questioned the same.

It is also called as Non-Repudiation.

Benefits of IAAA:

  • Effective Network Management
  • Effective Security Management

Summary of IAAA in Cybersecurity:

Identification Who are you
Authentication Prove Who are you
Authorization What you can access
Accountability What you have done

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