What is Hashing in cyber security

What is Hashing in Cyber Security? MD5 SHA 1 n 256 Hash

Cyber Security
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What is Hashing in Cyber Security ?

It is conversion of String of characters into fixed length value or key.

  • Given key or value is converted to code.
  • It is one way : Not possible to get data back from hash value.
  • Hash cannot be converted back to its original value or key.
  • Key or value generation is done by Hash function.
  • Output of Hashing is called as Hash value or Hash or Digest.

It ensures no modification or changes done to the original data.

Many organization for its software products provides Hash value.

Once download you can check if there is same Hash value. For this you can take help of Hash Calculator.

If it is different that means something is wrong. Someone done changes to data.

  • Organizations provides different type of Hash values.
  • It is based on different Algorithms

Hashing: tools4noobs.com

Is for small modification in data result in Hash value change?


Different Hashing Algorithms are :

(Message digest) MD5: It contains 32 Hexadecimal characters.
(Secure Hash algorithm) SHA-1 : It is 40 Hexadecimal characters
SHA-256: It is 64 Hexadecimal characters.

Difference between MD5 and SHA-256

MD5 SHA-256
Easy to Handle Difficult to handle because of its size
Less secure than SHA More Secure
Output is: 125 Bits Output is : 256 Bits

Tools to check Hash value:

Virus total: You can check if file is malicious or not by Hash value.

What is Collision?

Two Keys generates same hash this process is called as Collision.


It stores key or value pairs in the form of list, by which any element can be accessed by taking help
of index

Why Hashing?

  • Passwords can be save in hashes,
  • If data is stolen plaintext passwords cannot be accessed.
  • Save from file tampering
  • Helps in integrity of data

Thanks. Hope you understand about What is Hashing in Cyber Security? 

Related Interview Question and answer:

What is the difference between encryption and hashing?

Encryption ensures confidentially

Hashing ensures Integrity

Encryption is reversible

Hashing is irreversible, Though it can be cracked by Rainbow tables and collision attacks.

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