What is Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics 4 GA4 ? UA Vs GA4

Google Analytics
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What is Google Analytics 4 ? GA4 is advanced version of UA ( you can measure traffic both on Web and apps by using single property.

Become early adopter. Star exploring and become a pro.

How you can switch from UA to G 4?

Option 1: Upgrade from UA to GA4
Option 2: Website (Property) you can view in UA and GA4 ( You can install both of them)
Option 3: You can install only UA or GA4

History of Google Analytics

  • It was Urchin Analytics acquired by Google in the Year 2005
  • In 2013 it got name as Universal analytics
  • In 2022 Web and App introduced
  • Now you have Google Analytics 4

Difference Between GA4 and UA


UA: Reporting you have session, pageviews ( Data sent in the form of page views)
GA4: At this in the form of Events.

Data collection:

UA: Data is collected in stream (data flow)
GA4: Data can be collected in stream


UA: Reports: real time, audience, acquisition, Behavior
GA4: You have Lifecyle: Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization

Enhanced Measurement:

GA4 captures data, but you need to do analysis and create reports.

 More powerful enhanced measurement: Page views, Scrolls, site search, outbound links.


UA: For Web and app you need different property
GA4 : Single and same property can be use for Web + IOS

Who should go with GA4?

If you are good with Universal analytics and have good experience in analyzing the data.

For new digital marketers it is recommended first work with Universal analytics, then go for 4.

Start learning Google Analytics 4 today.

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