What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security

What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security ? Types of Hackers

Cyber Security
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 What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security ? Let us first see what is hacking 

Hacking : It is an act to attack computer system or network

It involves misuse of computers, networks, smart devices to steal information and cause damage. There is unauthorized access into network, computer system.

Hacking term first seen in 1970s

Attacker =Motive + Method + Vulnerability 

What Hackers do?

  • Sell your information
  • Damage to important data
  • Deletion of data
  • Sensitive information acquisition
  • Threatening to share personal data in Public
  • Shopping on your behalf after getting credit, debit card info.

SOC Team is called as Blue Team 

VAPT team is called as Red Team

How attacks Happens?

  • Configuration mistakes
  • Due to old software’s
  • Human error (internal threat)

What is Ethical Hacking?

  • It is practice of detecting loop holes ( Vulnerability : weakness ) in systems or applications
  • Identifying security breaches
  • Finding Threats in a network

They are authorize to enter into the network to find vulnerabilities. It is legal activity.

Uses of Ethical Hacking:

  • Organization hire professional ethical hackers to protect their crucial data.
  • They carry investigation in order to find weak points that can be use by bad hackers to attack the system or network.

What are the related certification?

You can do CEH (Certified ethical hacker) certification.

Is it a Good Career?

They are many career opportunities. Start learning today.

There are 3 types of Hackers

  • Black Hat
  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers :

  • These are bad guys
  • Always try to attack system taking un authorized access (without authority)
  • They try to steal information.
  • Hack banks, personal information, compromise 

White Hat Hackers:

  • These are good guys a
  • Also called as Ethical Hackers
  • They defense your IT assets
  • Protect organization from different types of attacks.
  • Authorized to hack the system to check for any vulnerabilities.
  • You can say they got permission to attack the system. (Under Signed NDA)

Grey Hat Hackers:

  • Intention of such people is not clear.
  • There motive is not clear.
  • They may steal information or protect it.
  • They may raise awareness

Script Kiddie:

Unskilled person who uses scripts, tools provided by the other hackers in order to hack systems.

Hacktivist: Hacker or Group of hackers who gets unauthorized access to government computer files
and network. for social and political use

State Nation sponsored hackers:

These are the people appointed by government to provide them cybersecurity.
Also confidential information of other countries in order to threat to their country.

Malicious insider or whistle blower:

Employees of company or government agency who gains inside operations information. which he predicts as illegal and threatens to reveal in public

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Interview Question:

What is a Black hat, white hat, and Grey hat hacker?

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