What is Encryption and decryption in cyber security

What is Encryption and Decryption in Cyber security with Examples

Cyber Security
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What is Encryption and Decryption in Cyber security? Let see each of them in detail.

What is Encryption?

It is process of encoding information by which only authorized individuals can understand. You can say readable format to un readable.

It converts plant text to ciphertext (Secret code) for reading need to convert to simple text. 

It is very important concept of cybersecurity.

What is Decryption?

  • It decodes the information.
  • Data converted into original form.
  • It is done by secret key or password

How many types of Encryption are there?

There are 2 types. Symmetric and Asymmetric

What is Symmetric Encryption?

In this same key is used for encryption as well as for decryption

Examples are:

Blow Fish

What is Asymmetric Encryption?

Here different keys are used both for encryption and decryption.



Which one is more secure?

As we know different keys are used.

In  Asymmetric encryption we have key pair ( Private key and Public Key)

The main reason is Any data which is encrypted with public key can be decrypted only by corresponding private key.

You can also say readable format to un-readable format.

Asymmetric encryption is used in SSL: (TLS)

What is Cryptography key?

String of characters used in encryption algorithm


You have key for your lock.

When key locks (data is encrypted)

It is unlock (data is decrypted) only with particular key

Why Data encryption?


  • It helps in protecting sensitive data of end users.
  • Attackers, Ad networks Etc. try to access privacy of users.


  • It helps in preventing data breaches.
  • If in case data is stolen, it can make sure data is still protected.


Ensures data is not modified when it got transmitted across the internet.


Many organization like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS need encryption feature to handle users information.

What type of Cyber attacks can take place in Encryption?

Brute force attack which involve guessing of keys. It is advised to have strong passwords always to get protected from such type of attacks.

Interview Question:

If you have both compress and encrypt during data transmission, which would you do first.

First compress ( will reduce size)

If we do encryption first because of more data it may take more time.

What is the difference between Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption and which one is

Please refer above content for answer.

Hope you got insight about What is Encryption and Decryption in Cyber security.

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