what is CIA triad in cyber security

What is CIA Triad in Cyber Security ? Example | Benefits

Cyber Security
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What is CIA triad in Cyber Security ?  CIA stand for Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

Also called as CIA triad, three pillars of security.

  • It is model which helps in Information security policies  of an organization.
  • It helps in risk assessment.
  • Infosec professionals take care about this.
  • It helps to know what went wrong about security breach.
  • It can help to find loop holes.
  • As Cyber Security Analyst your must be aware of this important concept.

Confidentiality: Ensures data is accessed by authorized individuals/System
Integrity: Ensures data is not modified
Availability: Ensures data is available to users.

1. Confidentiality Important Features:

Prevents sensitive data from unauthorized access.
How to ensure? By Encryption, access points
Best practices:

  • Data should be handled as per the desire privacy
  • Access lists and file permissions need to be up-to date

2. Integrity Important Features

Unauthorized people should not modified data.

How to ensure? : By Hashing
 Best Practices: 

  • Employee needs to be aware of compliance
  • Take help of backup and recovery software
  • Use checksums, access control Etc.

3. Availability Important Features

Maintaining of proper infrastructure.

Able to access: Example: book a Railway ticket

How to ensure? : By Load balancers, redundancy,

Best Practices:

  • Applications should be updates
  • Take help of network monitoring systems
  • If there is data loss data recovery and business continuity plan should be well planned in advance.

CIA triad Example:

User is accessing E-commerce website, Here Confidentiality is provided by two factor authentication

( When user enters username and password, OTP receives in Phone)

We know that confidentiality ensures only authorized person can be able to access data

Now : E-Commerce software platform provides integrity, no modification done to users data.

We have availability. After login E-commerce interface is available to authorized users.

Hope you get information about What is CIA triad in cyber security

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