Best Website Navigation Design Practices For Awesome User Experience

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Website Navigation For Better User Experience. Have easy to navigate blog website for Search Engines, Users. As per the information shared by the Google proper website navigation plays a important role in search engine. 

If you have easy one then it helps the visitors. It will also helps the search engine to understand what content the blog, website owner consider as important.


Website navigation Best practices:

Have a proper plan for navigation and then proceed. Have a root page which is also called as Home.

It is starting place of the Blog, website navigation. You need to think how visitors will switch from home to the other pages of your blog or website.

Make easier to the visitors to easily to get the topics on your site. It is recommended to make use of the breadcrumb in this case. Look for all Website Navigation Examples.

Allow user to remove the part of the URL, Some users may drop part of the URL in order to access the general content or root page.

Use Descriptive Navigation:

Awesome navigation will result in better user experience. Have descriptive navigation. Create clear labels for your website. It is good for both visitors and Search engines. Common categories names are not recommended because hundred of websites are using the same.

Less Drop Down Menus:

Try to avoid drop down menus, focus on easy navigation. Everything must be accessible on your website with ease. Single category menu is easily visible to your website visitors. Instead of single drop down menu, go with mega menu in which you have more than one Column.

Limit Number of Menus:

Don’t go on creating Menus for each of the Category. Club categories with Particular menu. For Example : You have On Page SEO, Off Page SEO categories. Club it with SEO menu. By this users also feel comfortable. Group related categories and use them.

They can also check your website with ease. Try to limit number of Menus as it look annoying to visitors. In your articles don’t forget to use internal linking, so that your job will be easy.  Allow Link juice pass to other links. 

Maintain Priority:

Keep your navigation in order. Keep important things first. Always keep in mind about better user experience.

Website Navigation Examples:

For Example:

User may be willing to go 

In this case you need to prepare to show content or else you have to show 404 page.

It is good if you prepare to have HTML sitemap in which your website or blog categories are mentioned.

How to create Better Website Navigation Design?

Avoid complex Website navigation links. For Example: Linking every page of yours site to other page.

Have text links for navigation purpose this will help search engines to crawl and understand about your website or blog.  You need to have  best Website Navigation Bar Design.

Don’t depend entirely on the drop down menus, images or other method such animations for navigation. It is better to user normal text links.

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