How to Mass Unfollow on Twitter Accounts Who are Not Following you?

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How to Unfollow on Twitter users who are not following you? As we all know, how social media is important to you both for the personal and professional life. Most importantly its one of the best place for marketing your product or services.

Unfollow twitter accounts who are not following you. In any social media platform you must avoid spamming. Like this twitter love to have safe platform for its uses. There are lot of marketing benefits  of Twitter. Apart from Facebook, twitter is power tool to engage your audience. Lot of big company profiles are on Twitter.

Why Unfollow on Twitter?

Your first step should me to know about the accounts. Twitter is one of the social media, which is followed by many people for getting updating with the latest technology and things happened in and around the world. Twitter have some limitations to follow the accounts. We can’t follow more than like 2000 accounts, which are not following you.

Also, many people they just create the account and will not open it for long periods. So it’s not making any sense to follow that kind of people. Following accounts which provides some good information and also which puts traffic to your business are good.

How to Unfollow on Twitter?

In order to do that we have to regularly monitor the users, who are not active or they are not posting for a long time or they are not reacting to your post. But monitoring and un-following those users is a daunting task for us. It’s better to adopt some tools which help you to find the inactive users or the accounts they are not following you. You must identify unfollow twitter non followers.

As per the official announcement from Twitter if wish to unfollow an twitter account because of SPAM then you have full right to inform this to twitter. By this method you can report a profile and individual tweets.

How to report a profile regarding Spam?

  • First your need to visit the profile ( Which you feel is creating spam)
  • Then Select on Report
  • Then Choose “They are posting Spam”
  • That is concerned team will take action.

Now How to report Individual Tweets?

  • Select the Tweet which you feel is spamming
  • Now Select Report Tweet
  • Choose Its spam.
  • Necessary action will be taken.

You can do the something for profile pages. Use this option with care, after a proper investigation regarding the profiles.

For More information on How to report spam to twitter Check Here

Make your account profile Genuine. Allow more people to attract There is nothing wrong to promote your business in right way. Learn in depth about How to unfollow twitter followers by using the below mentioned tools.

Here are some of the Unfollow Twitter Tracker, tools please have a look, each tool has their own features to un-follow the users who are not following you:

Twitter Unfollow Tools:

  • ManageFlitter
  • Crowdfireapp
  • Tweepi Geeky Flush
  • Follower Filter
  • CrowdFire
  • Tweetadder
  • Audiense
  • Tweepi
  • Friendorfollow
  • Untweeps

Every unfollow twitter tools has it own interface. First know the terms and conditions, features of each of them and use which suits best for you.  A Twitter login is required to access for each of the tool for unfollow twitter un-followers.

Hope these tools will you to perform better marketing with the help of  twitter.

Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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