What are all types of Backlinks Links building needed for websites?

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Once you have done with on page optimization. The other part is most required is link Building. A proper backlinks strategies must be followed to rank well in search engine. Below is the details about types of Backlinks required for your website. Focus on white hat link building service.

Always try to build strong quality backlinks. Plan well for long time success. Before starting you need have a proper link building strategies. For your website or blog you need to build many type of backlinks for better results. Avoid link spamming and other wrong ways. Get aware of Link building tools software.

What is Link Building?

It is the process of getting hyperlinks ( backlinks) from other websites or blogs. 

Backlinks Checker Tools:

There are various backlinks checking tools. Find the backlinks of particular website and start building links. Also take the assistance on link building expert.

Types of Backlinks for Link Building:

.GOV Links:

.gov domain extension websites carry more link juice. Search for high authority.gov websites and start placing your links.

.Edu Links:

Backlink from .edu domains carry more weight-age. Find the list of .edu websites and place your links completely.

.org Links:

It is said that .org links are also contains, a better link juice. Find such websites and complete your task.

Links from Review sites:

Find the list of top review sites and build your links wisely. Look for outsource link building.

From Competitors:

Find out your competitors and comment on their articles. It should be genuine. Don’t just spam there. This is most important backlinks technique.

Forum Links:

Search for High DA PA forums and take part in discussion. Many forums while at registration ask you for your website or blog. Provide your website name over there.

If your website is niche related then find the list of forums related to your niche. For an example your niche is Technology.

From Social Profiles:

  • Place your website links in your social profile.
  • You can do this process in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit Etc social networking and media sites. By completing this process you can also expect traffic to your website.
  • It can be also from your company social media page.

From Social Media Sharing:

After publishing your content, share your content on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter Etc.

Local Directories:

Share your links in related local directories. Don’t just spam there.

From Product:

If you have developed a theme, plugin, template, Ebooks, a tool Etc then you can place your website link in that.

From News sites:

Try to comment on trending news sites.

Guest Blogging:

It is very strong backlink strategy. Search for the websites which are providing guest blogging service. You can  also contact the website owners. Search for link building tips and make proper efforts.

From Google My Business:

Create an account or page in Google my business and place a link in about your company.


You can create your own infographics on various processes and can place link.

From Q& A Sites:

Search for list of best Question and answers sites. Take part in the discussion.


If you have Emails of your customers or visitors. Then you can send newsletters to your email list with your website links.

From Videos:

No doubt YouTube is popular among video hosting sites. Search for video hosting sites, then create videos and place links in description.


You can write any guide or manual and can place link in PDF file.


Apart from SlideShare there are various PPTs submission websites. You can place backlink in PPTs.

From Wiki Sites:

Learn how to get backlinks from Wikipedia. And also search for other wiki sites.

Link Exchange:

Ask your friends circle for link exchange. It is nothing wrong to place a link in legal way.


Take an interview of someone or give interview to someone by placing your website links.

From Webinars:

There are many webinar hosting sites. Find them and arrange a webinar, you can provide link in description. You need to execute link building strategy effectively.

Do you know other types of Backlinks Link Building strategies?  Please do share with us.

Thank you.

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