How to Get Real Targeted Traffic to Websites From Particular Country?

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How to get Real Targeted Traffic to your blogs? If you are running a business, which is targeted for a particular and you want to have traffic for your website from a specific country. Then don’t get worry, there are a number of online strategies that will help you to boost your business and get Targeted Website Traffic.

How to get free targeted traffic to my website?

Domain name:

Generally bloggers make use of .com or .org domain websites if they are targeting globally. But if you are targeting a local business with this domain, then it will not fetch you the targeted traffic for your website. Based on targeted area you need to change the domain like if you are targeting UK use and for Australia .aus.etc.

For Example: If you are targeting for Indian Customers only then you can use .co domains for your business. My suggestion is don’t spend more number time on domains and choose your domain as soon as possible and start your work. Make sure you get High Quality Geo Targeted Traffic.

What are the ways to increase targeted traffic?

Google Webmaster tool targeting:

Google webmaster ( Search console) is the best tool which provides you a complete details of your websites and provide you the options to select a targeted audience based on locations and other factors. Make sure that you do better settings in Google search console. 

Does targeted traffic work?

Yest it works.

Web Hosting Server Locations:
Another important factor in driving geo targeted traffic is your server location. Consider for example- UK is your targeted country then you need to host website on U.K based servers. For example- India based servers: Bluehost India, U.S. based servers: Bluehost, Siteground. This assists to load faster in that country due to server’s IP and search engines bots able to determine the location of your server.
From launch of Google search launched, they used backlinks to illustrate the popularity of content. IT’s better to target the country specific backlinks. You can use country based backlinks by taking advantage of guest blogging opportunities or by blog commenting which are considered to be white hat techniques if done properly. Check website traffic of your blog time to time and know about new methods to improve your link juice.


Use Paid Advertising Like Facebook, Google Adwords. FB and Google Adwords networks also business to target its customers for particular Location. Pay Per Clicks and other ways of advertising are available. Keep some budget for advertising to get Targeted Website Traffic.

Competitors Keywords:

Check keywords for your keywords and focus on them for better targeted Traffic. If not buy targeted traffic that converts leads. But it is not recommended. Use genuine and really working techniques to get web traffic. In rare cases you can use this method. Always try to go with Free Targeted Traffic techniques.

Content Level targeting:

The type of content style you use in your websites reflects on which country you are targeting for. Know about your country specific style of engaging customers. Do through search and write excellent content that suits the particular locations. Cheap Targeted Traffic also works well.

Submit website in directories:

Do SEO to your website by submitting in local directories and generate keywords and use that keywords in content of local websites of targeted country. For Example in India you have Yellow Directories, Just Dial. Based on your country locations select the local services. 

We hope you understood about How to drive targeted traffic to your website? If you have more suggestions please do share with us.

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