What is Social Proof? Examples Why it is Important For Bloggers

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Social Proof is one kind of authentication for the online presence of your website or blog. It’s very easy for the branded organization to maintain their social proof. But what the case with the new websites or developing websites for promoting their website. They have to work hard for obtaining that social proof in the online market.  You must be aware of various marketing techniques and choose the best one.

Get updated with latest news on Blogging. Don’t blindly copy the techniques of others. Do research before implementing any kind of strategy.  Online marketing is not a static field. Today you learn all techniques, does not main same process will be applicable for long period of time. You must be aware of what is happening around you.

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof Definition: the principle of influence known as social proof refers to the idea that people follow by seeing others.
Generally people trust in your product or services when they see someone used the same product or services and they get benefited from that.

In case of website, when people see someone likes and share the blog, the other person will do the same and share that blog in this way, even though if your blog doesn’t contain that much valuable content it will get viral in online.

Social proof can be obtained by the following some strategies such as-

• Celebrity or Expert Testimonials

• User Testimonials
• Association with Brands
• Awards
• Number of Subscribers

Social Proof Examples:

Take influence from positive and right people. They are Good people in the market, they are ready to help you out. They are many types of social Proof some of them are : Expert, Users, Celebrity recommended. Various Social Proof Examples are available for to better understanding.

Reviews and testimonials are also kind of Social Proof. People before taking an service, they do extensive research. Before buying any product they check what other customers are talking about.  If you achieve some awards and recognition to your blog then show it off to your visitors. Focus more on returning visitors.

Build a Brand:

Concentrate on building your band. It will take time but have patience. A better branding will you to stay in heavy competition. Be aware of various branding strategies.

Social proof plays a very important role to brand your websites or blog. Once you get the social proof, no one will stop you to reach your goal. Social proof will give a base for your websites to get into higher level. 

Maintain high quality content on your website. Don’t cheat yourself. Allow people to trust your services.  Planning is very important, go step by step and achieve your goals.

If some celebrity mentions your website in their comment it will get better image to your website, if someone give feedback to your product or services in website, it will act as the testimonial or case studies. Which helps the others to opt that product or services.

Increase Subscribers:

Number of subscribers to your website shows quality of your brand. They are many famous entrepreneurs in the market, they have lot of followers. Guess what will be your situation if they recommended you.

Do you know more Social Proof Examples? Share with us. Don\t forget to comment.


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