List of Social Networking Sites Best And Globally Recognized

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What are Social Networking Sites? It is place where people connect and network ( interact with others for purpose of communication exchange) with other people. Number of sites are available know where you can network with large amount of audience.

Many people use these platforms to reach huge traffic to their websites and blogs. Some of free social networking sites may already known to you.

We are sharing list of Social Networking sites which are globally recognized. In every country, usually some sites are popular. It is good practice to focus on Top 10 social networking sites.


Many people are aware of this Famous social networking site. It got Millions of users. If you are business owner or marketer, this platform helps you to reach large amount of people.

This platform allows you to promote your business free and by using paid ads. There are various social networking sites other than Facebook. 


This is second most famous among top social networking sites. Remember that here also you can promote your business profile.


Google Plus allows its users for social networking. Many people around the world is using this service.


It is also great platform for networking. You can promote your business individuals and in groups.


Apart from Micro Blogging Platform. It also allows its users for networking.


It allows you to share photos and videos. It got millions of active members around the Worlds.


You can use this service to share your audio, video and messages.


It is famous photos social sharing sites and has number of active users around the globe.


You can network with your friends and send pictures by using this service.


In short it is called as VK. It is Russia based social networking platform with number of users. There are various social networking sites for business professionals.


It is managed by Microsoft. It is also a best social networking platfrom. It allows its users to communicate with a voice and video call.


It is also consider as a social network.  By this application you can share text messages, audio, pictures and videos.


A famous platform allow its users to chat with friends


It is becoming popular these days. It is very much concerned about privacy and security. This application is available for both desktop and mobile version.


It is very popular social networking platform among online marketers. Allow users to share content as per their interest. For example you have term called Subreddits in this.


It is also nice platform where you can promote your content.


It Latin America based platform which allows its users to share their stuff.


It is very popular among bloggers. Allow to share your content.


Is this social networking platform? Yes as this allow users to upload their videos and get engaged.

Professional social networking sites


It is professional social networking service. Come as free and premium. Allows you to promote your content.


Like LinkedIn it is also a professional social networking platform.

Exclusive Photo Sharing


It allows users to share their art.


It is very famous photo, images, pictures sharing platforms.


Allows you to find group of people related to particular areas.


It is for readers as well as writers. Allow users to publish own stories.

Questions and Answers


It allows users to ask a question on various topics. Also give users option to give answers on numerous solutions.

Chinese Based Social Networking Platforms:

  • Tencent QQ
  • Qzone
  • Baidu Tieba
  • Sina Weibo
  • YY
  • Renern

Do you know about more popular social networking platforms? Please do share with us.

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