How to Correctly use Pipes, Dashes & Comma as SEO Title Separator?

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Pipes, Dashes and Comma In Google SEO Title Separator. You can use the any of these in title. Matt Cutts Google engineer says that you can use pipes and dashes in SEO page post titles. You need to see which is like by the user and you can go ahead for better optimization.

Here sharing a video of Matt Cutts watch it and find out information about SEO Title Separator. Comma also acts as the SEO Title separator. Find the detailed info on the comma separators in Google title. Make sure that you restrict your title length to not more than 70 characters for excellent readability. Read our post on SEO Title length for better optimization.

SEO Title Separators in Title:

 ǀ (Pipe): it informed the search algorithms that phrases, words on either side got equal importance. So you can use keywords on both the sides.

– (dash): It connects the words in title. You can use two keywords and use Dash (Hyphen) in between them.

_ ( Under score) it separates the words, some say its need to be avoided. So better avoid this in title. Make sure the title is clearly visited to the users.

, (Comma): Avoid using the comma separator also. Use it in Meta Description.  Spaces, pipes, commas, dashes act a separators in title SEO Tags.

Is user Experience really matters?

Give preference to the users and decide which works best for you. Use the correct one and use for you page, post title. Get the details on the pipes and dashes in SEO Title. Also on the Comma Separator in SEO titles. Give lot of importance to user experience. As a web admin before publishing an article with Title you make sure that you have better title. Avoid complex one, as it may result in bad user experience, also from search engines points of view.

Why Create Attractive Titles for website?

Make sure that you use unique title to perform well in SERP that is search engine optimization. Make attractive titles for your articles, this will definitely improve your CTR ( that is Click Through Rate) Then only you can expect the result as per your expectations. You must pay special attention to user experience. People who create neat and clear websites, get returning visitors to their blog and websites.

SEO Friendly Title Tags:

Read the guidelines about Google Comma separators and implement them effectively. Focus more on visitors expectations not on revenue. If your provide better services, revenue will automatically comes to  you. Know about SEO Friendly Title Tags for better optimization.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us regarding your usage of Pipes, Dashes and comma separators as SEO Title separators. 

Video of Matt Cutts on Comma Separator:

Pipes and Dashes in SEO Page, Posts Title separator SEO:

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