What are SEO Keywords? How to Choose Best For Your Website

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What are SEO Keywords? Search Query with Examples. It is nothing but how people search for the particular topic. Go deep in this and workout practically to gain more knowledge on this. These are words which you are use to find the right content.

For example: beautiful flowers. It is given as input by the user to the search engine.

The SEO Keywords can be long tail and short tail. For example: beautiful flowers images.

  • It can be question. For Example: what is keyword in SEO?
  • It is also referred as search term or query. It got lots of importance in the search engine. For your blogs and website you need to have the right keywords then only you can target the correct traffic. When you search any keyword in Google search engine it shows as bolded letters, you can easily notice this. You have to also take care of Keywords match types. 
Your Keywords strategy must be as per the requirements of Search engines.

What is Keywords Stuffing?

Use same keywords for too many times results in Keywords Stuffing. As per SEO it bad to stuff your content full of keywords. Maintain keywords density and improve your user experience.

Lot of Premium and Free SEO Keywords tools are available for you.

Some of them are:

  • Google Adwords Keywords Finder
  • SEMRush
  • Keywords Revealear
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Keywords Finder
  • Ahrefs

Key Components of Keywords:

Volume: This tells you for  a particular keyword how much search volume have. You can say it as number of searchers.

Competition: For each keyword you have low, Medium and High competition. Based on competition you can target your keywords.

Relevancy: For particular content, article how much relevant  keywords you have.

Current Position: This tell you about current position of your keywords. 

From these tools you have Keywords with High and Low searches. For particular article you need to choose relevant keywords and use in your content. You must know about How people are searching about particular topic? Based on this only you can drive traffic and leads to your business.

At the same time you need to look for targeted keywords. For Example : You have Pet Shops, so you need to target Pet Shops related keywords. Then they are more changes you get right audience.

Crown of Article:

Get more information on these Keywords for SEO. On each of the topic you can find the related keywords and use it in the website or bloggers. It is consider as crown of the article, you need to maintain the desire keyword SEO density. Use the keywords in making of Permalinks, Meta Description, Categories, Tags, for image optimization.

Right meaningful title: Obtain the right details on the SEO Keywords. Use the Good keywords list in the sense which is related to your content. Best practices about it need to be check by you. Know the desire info about what is Keyword in SEO search query with examples. Before starting any kind of topic to write, first complete your keyword research and then plan your content.

Keywords Stuffing:

Don’t just throw keywords in your content. Let it be professional and natural. Always right content from user prospective. Create nice content structure for your visitors. Users must spend time on your website. It is one of the strong signal for ranking of your website.

Share your Keywords finding strategy with us.

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