Digital Marketing SEO Interview Questions With Answers Freshers/Exp

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Many of you may have completed your Digital marketing SEO course and looking to start a career. It is good practice to know about the interview process and plan well in advanced. You need to know about the various SEO interview questions and answers For SEO Executives and other job roles.

Prepare well and achieve your goals. Mostly you will have face to face round of interview. Take the assistance of SEO interview questions for freshers SEO Analyst and perform well in hiring process.

Below is the list of Digital marketing SEO interview question and answers for freshers and experienced.

Can you tell me about yourself?

This is the first question every SEO analyst as a freshers faces. You need to speak confidently.

Talk about your self like your educational background, about your family, where are you staying Etc. Also check for SEO interview questions and answers for experienced.

You are from different background for example : Engineering why you choose SEO as a career?

Talk about benefits of Digital marketing, SEO, Blogging. 

What is Alt text?

It means Alternate text. 

It helps website visitors or viewers to know contents of an particular image. Also called as alt attributes.

When it is most useful:

  • If image is not loaded in place of that alt tag is displayed for you.
  • For the people who use screen readers to read content. For Example: People who are blind.
  • Gives clear description to search engine crawlers, so that they can index the image in proper manner.

Difference between AMP and responsive

  • AMP ( Accelerated mobile pages) designed exclusively for mobile users to provide better speed and user experience.
  • Responsive: designed for all types of devices including mobiles. Responsive web design is for flexibility.

What is the size of sitemap?

Not more than 50 MB

What is the syntax for alt tag?

<img src=”beautiful image.png” alt=”best beautiful images” />

How to create a XML sitemap?

You can create it manually and by using third party tools like

  • SiteCrawler
  • XML-Sitemaps
  • InSpyder
  • Free sitemap

What are the ways for international targeting?

1) By buying Country Code top level domains
2) By inclusion of country code as sub directory

How many ways you can verify your website in Google webmaster Tools?

HTML File: By uploading a HTML file to your website
Domain Name provider: By sign in into your domain name provider account by adding CName record or TXT
HTML Tag: By placing specific HTML tag in head section of your website.
Google Analytics: By using Google Analytics tracking code.

What is LSI? Can you give example

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing): These are keywords which are basically keywords from primary/main keyword

Free Royalty Images
Free Royalty Pictures
Free Royalty Photos

Here Images, pictures, photos are LSI keywords

What is keyword proximity?

It is distance between two keywords ( Search terms)

For Example: You have keyword called as SEO Interview Questions

Site A has content like : best SEO Interview questions

Site B has content Like : SEO Important Interview questions

Here Site A has more keyword proximity because there is no other word ( distance) in between of keyword. 
You can also say closeness of the keywords

What are off page optimization techniques?

Off page optimization techniques are :

  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Blogging
  • Classifieds Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submissions

What are Google Algorithm Update?

Google time to time releases updates for user experience. Such updates or changes to its algorithm is called as Google Algorithm Update.

What is Google Panda Update?

First Released Date: February 2011:

It was released to deal with duplicate, thin and low quality content.

What is Google Penguin Update?

Released on : April 2012

It was related to link scam, links which were generated from low quality sources. Also targeted exact matching keyword in anchor text.

What is Google Humming Bird update?

Roll out in : August 2013

It was released to deal with Keyword density.

What is alt tag?

It is HTML attribute applied to image tags

How you rate your self in SEO on scale of 10?

Be confident and and you can say like 9 out of 10. Interviewer want to check your confidence level. 

What tools you know in SEO?

You can say, Google keyword planner, SemRush, Moz Etc.

Did you know how to create dashboard in Microsoft excel?

If you know how to create say yes.

Do you have any questions from me?

You can ask about what will be responsibilities, what skills i need to upgrade Etc.

Other SEO Interview Questions are:

  • What is SEO?
  • What is Search Engine?
  • Can you name few search engines?
  • What is SERP?
  • What is on page optimization?
  • What is off page optimization
  • What is organic result?
  • What is paid results?
  • What is keyword?
  • Define keyword density?
  • What is canonical URL?
  • What is meta description?
  • What are backlinks?
  • What is internal linking?
  • What is do follow link?
  • What is no follow link?
  • What is robot txt?
  • What is anchor text?
  • What are 404 errors?
  • What is domain authority DA?
  • What is page authority PA?
  • What are sitelinks?
  • What is Google knowledge graph?
  • What is disallow links?
  • What is keyword stuffing?
  • What is cloaking?
  • What is link wheel?
  • What are contextual backlinks?
  • What is bounce rate?
  • What is duplicate content?
  • What is funnel?
  • What is 301 redirect?
  • What is Google Sandbox?
  • What is Google bot?
  • What is keyword difficulty?
  • What is SEO friendly URL
  • Define landing page?

We request to share your SEO interview experience, so that it will be useful for you. We will include such experience and interview questions on our blog.

You may not satisfied with the above answers.  So you can create your own also not an issue. 

One Advice: Land in better company. Where you can get lot of opportunities to show case your skills. Best wishers

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