What is Google reconsideration request? How to Submit

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What is Google reconsideration request ?. It is a request made by website or blog owner to Google to review their application after problems fixed which were mentioned in manual action notice.

You must fix all issues related to your website for better output. You site needs to perform well in Google search engine. You have request option to fix issues of your website.


Steps for reconsideration request of Google Webmaster:

1.     Sign into search console account. ( Google webmaster Tool)

2.    Verify all versions of your website. ( Under dashboard You will find search traffic; Again under this you have Manual action tab).

3.     Check for manual action ( if there are any actions on your website or blog).

4.     Fix issues.

5.     Review security issues if available.

6.     Use request to review link to reconsider your website or blog.

Explanation of process:
  •          You got manual action notification and fix the issued.
  •          Document.
  •          Additional issues ( common mistakes).
  •          Submit reconsideration request.
  •          Got response from Google.
  •          At last got information about request is rejected or approved.
Remember in case your request is approved manual action is removed from website or blog.
If your request is rejected then you need to plan before to submit a another reconsideration request.
Good reconsideration request:
  • Explain real quality issue on your website or blog
  • Describe steps that you have taken to fix the issues.
  • Document the output of your reports.
  • Take action on backlinks before use of disavow tools.
  • selling links: Give examples you have implemented no follow
  • Provide examples of bad content replaced by good one.
Common mistakes.
  • Not proper use of disavow tool
  • Not using fetch as Google while cleaning for hacked content.
  • Submitting reconsideration request for ( parked domains, inaccessible website and block sites).
  • Think before while submitting for reconsideration request. 

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