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What is Next Generation Firewall ? NGFW special features

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Next generation firewall in short called s NGFW. It is designed to address advance security threats.

Next Generation Firewall Features:

  • Ability to control as well block traffic at application level.
  • Can be integrated with IPS and IDS.
  • Can handle sensitive data.

Who invented this?

Created by Palo Alto

In which year Next Generation firewall created ?


next generation firewall

Is it Layer 7?

What is difference between firewall and next generation firewall?

Traditional firewalls does not have ability of threat intelligence they simply work according to rules set.

  • Filters based on ports.
    It understands only IP address.
    It cant block applications

Whereas NGFW time to time learns and update their database for threats. It got stronger threat intelligence.

  • It can filters packet based on applications.
  • It can block malware from entering your network
  • It can understands about URLS also, means you can also block particular URL.
  • It can block applications.
  • You can integrate for other features such as Antivirus, URL to IP mapping by using UTM (Unified threat management )

What are the main features or next generation firewall benefits?

  • Application Control
  • Threat Prevention
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Policy Management
  • Blocks Application layer attacks
  • It does deep packet analysis
  • High Performance

Hope receive information about What is Next Generation firewall. Stay tuned for more updates.

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