What are All Best Tips For Google Meta Description Tag?

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Meta description Tag in SEO With Examples. It act as summary for the Google and other search engines of the world. It plays a vital role in the search engine optimization. This may be a sentence or paragraph. You have tag for this and can insert the text. You must be aware of best practices related to Google Meta Description Tag.

Meta Description Tag
Meta Description Tag in SEO

What is Meta Description?

It got various merits in the SEO. Google may use them as snippet for your pages on the web. It is consider as good practice to add the Meta description tags to the pages you have. More information related to the Meta description tag in SEO can be get by the users. Main words are bolded when it is shown in the search engine results page. Take of this part very carefully

It is good if you have write SEO page site description that interest users. It recommended limiting the character length in between of 150 to 160 characters in this tag. ( Now as per the recent update Google is displaying up-to 320 Characters in Meta Tag Description). It is highly needed by you to better optimize your content.

Why to use Unique content in Meta Description Tag?

Avoid writing the Meta description which will have no relation with content on your website. Don’t fill this with only keywords. Get info on what is Meta description tag?

Don’t copy and paste the whole content of the article into this website meta description tag. Like title the Meta descriptions tag need to be unique for each of the page and post, it is consider as good practice. Place fresh content under this tag.

How to write meta description?


<meta name=”description” content=”Write description here”/>

Google cares about it because it gives clear idea of URL’s content. The site owner will get the good results faster. Remember Google sometimes make use the Meta description of page in order to show in the results snippets. Learn from Meta Description Examples and implement practically.

What should be Meta Description Tag Length?

As per the recent update from Google. Your Meta Description Length should not be more than 320 Characters. If your are using Yoast WordPress Plugin, so can check this practically. Make sure you keep an eye on how meta descriptions are displayed in Google Search engine results page. Cover all important points for Meta Description WordPress.

Meta Description Checker tool:

There are various meta description checker tools which help you for better optimization.

You can find Meta Description Length SEO Tools at

  • totheweb.com
  • seomofo.com
  • seoreviewtools.com

Check Google meta description examples

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