When and How to setup International Targeting in Webmaster Tool?

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Best practices for International Targeting in Webmaster tool. This feature comes in Search console. Where you can set your website for international traffic. You must use this option with lot of care. If not you have huge difficulty in ranking. Before proceeding get to know about basics of International Targeting in Webmaster Tool.

Where you can find International Targeting option in Search console?

When you login into the Google search console account. You will find this option under of search traffic. As per the information from Google webmasters you need to use this option carefully. If this option is not use properly then it may result in losses.

How International Targeting Works?

This is important international SEO strategy. When you set this property in webmaster. Google comes to know that your blog or website content is suitable for particular country or nation.

For Example : If you set a google international website for USA.

If person searches for a keyword or query in USA. Then Google shows your website in USA Search results.

When to use this option?

  • If you have website is aim for special language. For Example: German Language. Then you should have specific setting for that particular country.
  • If not it may increase your bounce rate.

For Example: You have created a website on a restaurant which is famous in USA and also have maximum number of customers from this region.

Then you go with this option. Because your have maximum number of traffic from this country only.

When to not use this option?

  • If your site have global language For Example : English. At the same time you have topics which are globally search by the people. Then don’t use this option, because you may global traffic.
  • You are trying to rank for particular country. You may not get traffic from other countries. So avoid this and make sure you get international traffic from various countries.
  • If your not ranking in one country, you will option to rank in other country.

For Example : For USA country if your are targeting and your site in not performing well in USA. Then there are chances it may rank in Australia.

I hope you understand.

In order to make sure that your website or blog content is targeting the correct audience,  you need to implement two mechanisms. 

First one is URL level targeting. 

( In this again you have three mechanisms).
1) Page level markup:
  • Here use this tag in head section of your pages.
  • It is use to list alternate language versions for each page.
  • Each page need to provide an hreflang tag that links to other language variants to itself.
  • You can also use language and country Combinations in this tag.
2) Sitemaps:

According to the information you can make use of sitemaps to submit language and regional alternates for your pages.

3) HTTP headers:
  • In case you publish non HTML files such as PDF, then you can use the HTTP header to mention different language version of a URL.
  • Know information also about International targeting no return tags.
Website, or blog wide targeting:
  • You can target your content to the specific geographic and language preference.
  • You have two sections in International targeting.
Language section
Here you can make sure that hreflang tags use the correct locale codes ( language and optional country )
Country section
  • By this tool you can set a blog, website wide country target for your entire website or blog if needed.
  • This info is available in International Targeting Google search console
  • For Further reading on International Targeting SEO.
Related International targeting Google search console video.

Wrap Up:

Use International Targeting in webmaster Tools search console option only if you specific visitors from particular country. As well your aim to target specific language people.

Don’t use this option if you have global topics and global language traffic.

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