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How to Increase Website Traffic With Genuine Online Techniques?

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How to Increase Website Traffic by Genuine Tricks? Blog or website is one of the way to represent your thoughts or services in the digital world. For enhancing the position of websites, content matters a lot.

You must know the latest techniques to increase website traffic and get better results There are many ways to on How to get Traffic to your website?

There are certain things that you need to know for How to Drive Traffic to Your website?, to your blog. Here are some online Techniques.

Guest Blogging:

Do Guest blogging on your niche related sites. For this purpose use genuine websites only. Make sure you read all rules and regulations before proceeding it. Submit your niche related articles. Make sure you give unique article to guest posting websites. This will Increase Traffic to website of yours.

Profile Creations:

Create profiles in top social media sites. Target Popular Social networking sites to promote your website or blog such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook and make new connections. Make sure you have Fan-page, official accounts in Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop it, Tumblr Etc.

Update your old Articles:

As you may know that Google loves Fresh content. Updated your old posts, add new content, use new screenshots Etc. Finally submit your posts for re-indexing.

Use Social Media sharing Buttons:

Every article on your post must have a social sharing buttons. If people like your content, then they will share to their Social Media Circles. This is one of the Google Ranking signal.
If you are using WordPress platform. Then you can use lot of Plugins.

Engaging Content:

Your content should be interesting. Break your content in points. Design your content layout neatly. Write articles from bottom of your heart.

Use LSI Keywords:

Instead of High competition keywords you can use LSI keywords : They are long tail keywords.

Content Transformation:

It means you convert your posts into other form.

For Example : You wrote an article How to Format Windows 7?

Then you have use the same post content for making a e-Book. It may be also Infographics.

Make sure there is no duplicate content issue

Increase Length of Content:

Make Sure you right enough content on particular topics. This will help you in SERP that is search engine results page. From where you can get increase website traffic.

Create a Youtube Channel:

Create a channel for your website brand. Upload useful videos related to your niche. From Youtube Platform to increase website traffic.

SEO Friendly Content:

Write SEO friendly content in your blog. Focus more on on-page optimization. Learn all latest techniques to rank well in search engine. Do Website Traffic Analysis of your blog.

Website Tracking:

Create Account in Google Analytics and keep on monitoring the result and do sharing based on that in social media sites. Check Website Traffic from time to time. Use all options f website traffic report  within of Google Analytics.


Add attractive images, photos and graphs to illustrate the topic. A better image speaks “1000” words. This will also improve Website traffic Rankings.

Keyword Research:

Before writing a content do keyword research and frequently reference your article and others. Tool of paid and free Keywords tool are available for you.

Participate in Communities:

Start participating in the communities based on targeted traffic. Participate in social communities such as StumbleUpon, Reddit. These are all Free Website Traffic sources.

Targeted Audience:

Write content by keeping in mind the targeted audience. Decide first about your audience and plan well. Compare website Traffic from time to time.

Host Events:

Attend and Host Events.

Enable Subscriptions via Feed + Email:

Use subscribe to us button for

Email Marketing:

Use your Email connections to promote blog

Allow Guest Posting on your blog:

Good design of website, and accepting a guest blog and participating question and answers and inserting your links as a reference will also fetch you traffic to site.

Mobile Optimized Website:

Make your all mobile users who are visiting your website are comfortable to navigate to your website. Make your website mobile responsive. This will increase Website Traffic.

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