What is PNG Image format? List of Online image converters To PNG

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What is PNG Image format? It stands for portable network graphics. This is image format which got improvement of GIF ( Graphics interchange format ). It is known to be owned by Unisys. As per the details when image of this format is compressed all the image information can be restored back. They are many image converters To PNG.

PNG Image Features:

  • Can be developed faster.
  • Output can be save in number of colors as well as gray scale formats.
  • This cannot be animated.
  • As per the info, it does not contain copyright restrictions
  • Supports loss less data compression.
  • File name extension .png.

PNG Compression Methods:

It make use of two stage compression method

1. Pre compression filtering prediction
2. Compression : DEFLATE

There are various Image converters to PNG. You can use any of them for your requirements.


  • This portal allows to you to convert files to PNG format.
  • Here you can use the file or paste the URL.
  • You can also select the file from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • It allows you to change the size, color and other features like DPI, Pixels.
  • Once the settings are done click on Covert file button.

www.simpleimageresizer.com Here also you can give any type of image and convert it PNG. Use select image and then convert image to complete your task. www.sodapdf.com/jpg-to-png/

  • It allows you to convert JPG file to PNG. se browse button to upload your file from Computer, dropbox or from Google drive.
  • You can use any of above tools for image converters to PNG.

Other Image converters tools includes:

  • ezgif.com/png-to-jpg
  • sodapdf.com/png-to-jpg/
  • www.onlineconverter.com

Final Thought: Make sure all your images are well optimized as per the SEO. Don’t forget to place alt tag in the image. Use image with which are less in size. If the size of the image, use image compressors tools in order to compress your image.

Check all SEO image optimization tips and tricks for better result in search engine. Always give proper name for your image, it needs to be descriptive due to which search engines can easily finds it.

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  1. Thanks for the post! The list of converters is very useful.

    One of my favorite compressors for pngs is tinypng , hope it can be of use to someone else who might read this article in the future!

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