How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress ? By GTM n Plugin

Google Analytics
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How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress ? With and without Plugins You can install Google analytics 4 in various ways. Whatever may be the method effectively link your website to GA4.

  1. By using Google Tag manager:

First you need to login to GTM.

Google tag manager
Google tag manager

Difference between account set up and container setup?

Account setup:  In which you can have multiple containers

In this account for Example you have multiple websites. One container = One website

For each website you can have container ( Particular for website)


google tag manager container
google tag manager container
  • Share data anonymously with google and others: Use this option if you want to share data for its machine learning.
  • Now move on to the settings:
  • Use web, click on create
  • Agree to Google tag manager terms and conditions
  • Click on Yes:
  • It will be redirected to Google Tag manager console.
  • Where in popup it will ask you for the GTM tag code.
  • You need to paste these 2 codes


google tag manager code i

Now let see how to install this on WordPress website.

Go to Dashboard, then appearance then theme editor.

  • Paste first code in Head tag
  • Second after opening of body tag
  • You can also take help of any plugin.
  • Save changes.
  • Click on OK

Then click on Submit

Container will be live only when you use submit button.

You need to check here whether your GTM is setup on your website or not

Now its time to Login to Google Analytics 4 account,

  • Login GA account
  • Click on start measuring
  • It will ask you for account setup



Google analytics GA4
Google analytics GA4
  • Give account name for Google Analytics
  • Products and service
  • You can select all data sharing options
  • Then click on next
  • Next you have to give property name. Give your website name
  • Reporting time zone
  • Choose Currency.
  • Next it will ask you for business
  • Choose business size
  • How do you intent to use.
  • Choose all the options
  • Then click on create.


Google analytics business settings

  • Now select your country region terms and service
  • Remember here you have I accept at two places, select both of them
  • Then click on I accept button
  • Now go to properties and Apps
  • Then click on particular property
  • Here you need to setup up your web stream.
  • Give website URL and stream name
  • Then Create stream

Google analytics collection data

Now go to Google Tag manager account

—> Go to tags then Click new tag.

Then Choose tag type


Give measurement ID which is there under Google analytics

—> Choose a trigger as all pages

Save —> submit—> publish

2. Easy Method to Google Analytics 4 Installation

Use site kit Plugin:

Your job will become easy. Rest site kit plugin will take care. It one solution to install Google search console, Analytics, AdSense. 

Click Here to Download

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