List of Google Search Operators in SEO With Cool Examples

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Google Search Operators in SEO with Examples. Users can make use of special characters as well words as shortcuts to get the desire search result in SERP that is Search engine results page. It is said by the Google that some of the punctuation’s are ignored.Be aware of the exact details on these Google Search Operators and learn to implement them correctly. If you use this “!” (Exclamation marks) Then it will not work as, Google see word with and without this as same. For Example: car! is same as car. 

Google Search Operators
Google Search Operators List with Examples


It is advice by the Google by using the punctuation if you are not getting the proper results then search directly. Take help of Google Search Operators Cheat Sheet PDF download to learn more about more shortcuts. When you are searching for something by using the symbols then don’t allow spaces.  You have basic and Google Advanced Search Operators. 
For Example: -car will work for you. It is wrong to use – car. Find the correct information on the search operators in Google. Also learn about Google Boolean search operators.
List of Basic and advanced Google Advanced Search Operators, commands:
It is use to find the Google+plus pages, blood types. 
For Example +google, B+
By using this search you can find the prices
For Example : nikon $500.
Know about the popular tags of the trending topics on web For Example : #india
It is use you to exclude the result which contains the word or site Search Operators in Google Puncutations and Symbols. As per the details it is useful when you have words with many meaning. By using a dash before or word and site you can find the results which that includes this site as well as word. If you use dash in more than one words. Google search engine will treat them as strongly connected.
For Example thirty-year-old car.
_ Under score
It connects words, the search will show the pair of words that are linked together or connected by using this symbol
For Example: quick_sort.
if you want to search for the exact words or phrase then use this symbol “good health”
Use this find various for the exact phrase.
For Example: If you use this “a * saved is a * earned.
The search engine will give results as 
a penny saved is a penny earned
A rupee saved is a rupee earned
A Day Saved is a Day Earned
A second saved is a second earned
It is use to find the range for date, price and measurements. For Example  Camera $50..$100
Google Search Operators List, shortcuts for Search Engines:
If you don’t want to remember than you can use the Google advance search option
Search operator
It is use know the results from the certain blogs or website. By this you can  also know the number of pages index by the Google.  To view the recent use Tools under this you can know for Any Time, Past Hour, Past 24 Hours Etc.
For Example :
Relate :
Use this to find the related sites.
Name of the website, use to find the page source.
OR :
If you want to search for pages that match any  one of them then use this.
For example : Asia cup location 2015 OR 2018
For instance without this operator it will show only pages which contains both terms.
by using this you can find the similar pages, links and cached version
It is another operator by using which you can know the links to the page or posts

Practically Learn about how to use google advanced search operators? and make your searching task simple.

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