How Google Search Engine Works? Explanation Video And PDF

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How Google Search Engine Works? Check the Video and supporting material to find the details. Search engine: It is computer function which is use to search the data, information that is there on the internet. Lot of top different web search engines are available for people.

How Google Search Engine works? is important topic for you. Because as website owner you need to know how your website is going to work in SERP. It performs the operation by using the keywords, online search query or by some function. There are number of search engines in the World. Popular among them are Google, Bing and others. List of best Search Engines by People, by jobs Etc categories can be known.

Among all of them Google is consider as best. 

How do Google Search Engine works? 

Phase 1: Before your search

Crawling and Indexing.
Remember Google not take any amount for inclusion of your website or blog. As part of the policy it also displays Ads in the Search Engine results page.

It use software called as web crawlers in order to find the publicly there WebPages. Well known is referred as Google bot.  Know about How search engine works Wikipedia? This will also help you to get more details.

Crawlers go from link to link and take date related to the WebPages back to the Google servers. Here the site owner choice it kept in mind. They can ask the crawlers not to crawl the particular page. Google sort the pages by using content and other factors. It keep track of all the index. Also know about How search engine works PPT?

Google gathers the pages by the crawl process and creates index. As you have index in back of book. This search engine index contains information about the words as well as about location. Index of Google is many Gigabytes it spent lot of hours to build it.  Check for how search engine works PDF.

Phase 2: Usage of Algorithms

When someone search for query  by any of available keywords. The Google Algorithms look up for the search terms in the index. Algorithms contain programs and formulas in order to provide the best results. 

It is informed by the Google that search query travels on average of 1,500 Miles to get answer to the user. If you type in the search bar it shows you suggestions which are called as Google instant. Also know about how search engine works PPT.

Here it uses 
  • Search Methods
  • Auto complete
  • Spelling
  • Search methods
  • Google Instant
  • Synonyms
  • Query Understanding

Now based on the clues it pull the related documents from number of Index. Then it checks for Page Rank.

Next one is to check freshness of pages. It also looks for the safe search.

User context: provides the results based on the History and Geo graphic location. If translation is needed then it is done for the user. Then universal search is done.

Phase 3: Result is displayed
At Last you get the results. As per the claim by the Google searching process completes in 1/8th of the second. Another important part here is Google is very much against the spam. It takes action against the websites who do spam.

How Google Search Engine Works PDF?  download. If PPT is also there then check.
How do Google Search Engine Works? By Matt Cutts YouTube Check Here Video
How Google Search Engine Works Animation Check Here
Summary of Google Search Engine working
  • Google crawls and index the pages in advance.
  • When user search for query.
  • Algorithms use the number of factors to find the query.
  • Result is return to the user.

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