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Google Search Console Tutorial, here you can find about dashboard, important metrics, how to add URL, how to remove URL, diagnostics. Below find below details for important terms related to Google search console. 

What are Crawlers?

It Scans a website

What is the function of Google Search Console?

It monitors, maintain as well as troubleshoot your site’s ( website, blog Etc.) presence in Google search results. You can submit up-to 1,000 Properties

What is Domain property?

In this you can add domains, sub domains, mobile version, http, https, www details.


What is URL Prefix Property?

You can use this for your services, pages, posts.

URL prefix:

You can use both of them, its depends on you, How you want to view the data.

In Domain property you need to apply filters to check the information about particular page, posts.

In URL prefix property without applying filters you can view the info related to page and posts. You can say particular URL info.

Don’t get confuse it is simple.

How to give Google Search Console access to others?

If you are working for agency, ask them to give you access from Search console full, restricted.

No need to get complete Gmail and password details.

What is indexing report?

It gives information about Google discover, coverage of pages, posts.

First check coverage report

What is URL inspection tool?

It gives information about

  • Current indexing status
  • Testing of live URL
  • Requesting Google to crawl a page ( You made some changes
    to page, you want Google’s to crawl a page as soon as possible)
  • Information about page loaded resources

What is Performance report?

It gives information about how your web page is performing in Search engine results page

For particular keyword, how your websit eis showing in Google web, video, news and image search.

How to remove URL from web search?

Use Removal tools which is under of Index section of Google search console.

What is Manual Actions?

Google representatives Manually check your website and take action.

For Spammy content Etc.

They also give suggestions to improve your website.

What is Crawl stats report?

It gives info of Crawling history of website.

Stay tuned with this Google Search Console Tutorial page for updates. Check our Digital marketing section for more info.

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