What are Google Rich Snippets in SEO and How to Implement?

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What are Google Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets is piece information appears in search description with additional details such as star ratings Etc. Visitors to understand what the page about in the SERP that is search engine result page, use the given search guidelines to have good idea. 

Make use of technical, quality and design instructions for Rich Snippets SEOMark by your site by one of the available three formats which are Microdata, Microformats, RDFA.

After the content is markup make sure that it tested by taking help of the structured data testing tool. Here insert the code and check the details. All the info on rich snippets google have to be check for proper implementation.

If you have problems take the help of trouble shooting guide. It is known that when you have implemented and tested it may take time to show this to appear in the SERP, have patience till that time.

Google Rich Snippets Testing tool:

Google don’t show the rich snippet in search results which is not longer related. It has to be unique. For further Reading. You also have Google rich snippets testing tool.

Google Rich Snippets Tools:

Be aware of its quality guidelines and then proceed. It is recommended to use the Microdata markup format. Go step by step and understand this topic and get details on the rich snippets markup.

You can Markup your content which comes under this categories such as
  • People
  • Reviews
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Video
  • Business and Organization
Rich snippets in SEO helps visitor to know about your site related to there search, by this you can expect more number of clicks. Google has to understand about your contents.

How to Create Implement Google Rich Page Snippet?
You can use any of three methods to markup to your content which are
1.     HTML Markup
2.     Structured Data markup Helper
3.     Data Highlighter
Each one got it features, use which is applicable to you. 

HTML Markup :

  • Data is available to Google including other search engines also
  • Use this if structure of site changes frequently
  • By using you can add HTML Markup to all the date items
  • You will have control over how Google knows events and other types.

Structure Data Markup Helper :

  • Here also data is available to other Search engines
  • Can have more control over how Google understand about your site
  • Can update HTML Markup

Data highlighter :

  • Data is available only to Google
  • Display data about events.
  • Can only be use to teach Google about the pages with no markup.
  • No need to write Markup here, you can tag by using mouse.
Video Relate to Rich Snippets SEO By Matt Cutts. He answer to question on when it will be widely available Check Here

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