Google Adwords Certification Study Guide With Tips And Exam Pattern

Google Adwords
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Google Adwords Certification Study Guide For preparationThis is one of the important examination from Google. People can use this certificate in many ways. For example they can seek a job in an organization. For companies also it is also useful they can get the clients who want to run a campaign by using Google advertising program.

To Get Google Adwords certified you need to pass two examinations. One is Fundamental exam which is must and should. You have various Google adwords certification courses. 

One is from of the following exams: Here you need to pass any one exam.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Summary: To Get certified you need to pass fundamental exam and one of the exam from ( Search, display Etc).Google Adwords Certification Study Guide plays an important role in preparation.

Individuals: Single person who completes the examination get certificate with his or her name.
Agency: Agencies receive badge on there organization name.

If you fail to clear the examination then you need to wait for seven days to retake the examination

Passing score is : 80%. For Example if there are 100 questions then you need to get 80 marks.

There is no option to go back. So be careful while taking examination. Within the question you can play.

Number of questions for each of the exam:

Adwords Fundamentals: 100 questions.
Search Advertising: 98
Display Advertising : 100
Mobile advertising: 70
Video Advertising : 74
Shopping Advertising : 63 Questions

( Please note that about number of questions may change)


What is google Adwords certification?

For People who clears Adwords examination. Google awards them Adwords Certification.

How much is Google adwords certification cost?

It is free, You need not to pay any amount.

Who can take Google Adwords certification test?

Anyone who want to explore Google Adwords. It is suits best for advertisers.

Is anyone providing Google adwords certification training?

Yes many individuals and organizations are providing Google adwords certification training.

What is Google Adwords certification study guide?

Google has given bulk amount of data to prepare for Google Adwords certification examination. Apart from this other organization also providing material to prepare for examination.

What is Google adwords certification for individuals?
The Certification for one person is called as Google adwords certification for individuals. It is different from partners certification.

Is there any Google adwords certification practice test online?

Various tests are available online for you. Individuals can easily prepare for the examination.

What is Google partners adwords certification?

Google Adwords team awards certification to group of people from single organization which is called as google partners adwords certification.

For Google Adwords Certification Study Guide Check Here

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