A Simple Explanation On All Google Adwords Campaign Types

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What are Google Adwords Campaign Types?. There are 3 types of Campaign types in Google Adwords. Don’t confuse it with types of Google Advertising networks as it is different from Campaign Types.  Before running ads online you must know about Google Adwords Campaign Types and proceed with other requirements.
When you plan to set up your Adwords campaign you are required to select type of Campaign. Learn about google adwords campaign management for effective online results.
It determines where you want to show you Ads on Google Advertising networks. Learn how to manage google Adwords campaign types effectively.
3 Types of Campaigns are:
  • Search Network Only
  • Display Network Only
  • Search with display network
 Google Adwords Campaign Types and its uses:
Search Network only:
If you select this, then your Ads can be appear on throughout the sites of Google Search Network.
  • It uses Keywords targeting method to show your Ads.
  • Search Network only campaign is useful for the Advertisers who want to reach their customers when there are searching for relevant terms. 
  • As per the marketing goals, Advertisers spends amount in Search network type of ads.
For Example: You have run a search Network campaign with related keywords of Men’s Hats
When someone searching for Hats. Your Ads may appear on Google search. Here Related ads are shown to you from Google Adwords. Learn how to setup a google adwords campaign and start achieving your goals.
Display network Only:
  • When you want to show ads on Google Display Network then you can use this Campaign Type.
  • In this you can have Text as well as Video, image and rich media Ads.
  • You can also include placements such as Youtube, Mobile App.
  • It is highly useful to increase brand awareness. So you can increase your online presence and attract more customers for your business.
  • Use google adwords campaign manager for better output.
  • By using this you can images, videos of your business.
  • Learn how to run and Create a google adwords campaign for clear understanding.
Search Network with Display select
  • In this you can have advantages of both search and display network.
  • Ads will be appear in Google search network and display networks.
  • Remember you budget is shared across both networks

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