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Directory submission sites passes good link juice to websites. Remember that directory submission sites can help you to build quality backlinks. You need to place your links in right categories. There are number of Free Directory Submission List.

Why High PA DA matters?

Your focus need to be on High PA ( Page authority) and DA ( Domain authority) free Directory Submission Sites as they pass high link juice to your website. At the end of this article you have Free Directory Submission Sites List PDF download file.

What are Directory submission sites?

Like for phone we have Telephone directory of numbers, we also have web directories in which websites are categorized. Below are Directory Submission Sites List with PA DA details. 

For Example: A website or blog related to Education. Comes under of Education category.

Is I can submit n number of Directory submission sites?

You need to make sure that you are not spamming the web. You need to have proper plan. First study how directory submission sites can boost your rankings. Take assistance from experts and plan accordingly. Perform your off page optimization techniques with care.

How much time directory submission sites take to reflect?

It will take some time to bring effect to your back-links strength. You need to be patience. First work on High PR Directory Submission Sites.

What are types of listing in directory submission?

You have

Free Listings: It is somewhat time taking process.

Regular Listing: It is paid service.

Featured Listing:  It is premium service.

What is reciprocal link?

On your website for particular directory submission website you need to give backlinks. Meaning you need to give link backup to your website.

Is still directory submissions off page technique is working?

Yes it is working, don’t get confused. But make sure that your are not spamming the web.

Name of the Directory Submission Site  PA  DA 53 50 41 47 53 54 51 57 56 55 53 55 46 45 51 54 49 52 52 56 26 49  42  43  51 51 47 47 49 46 50 53 52 48 51 48 50 46 44 42 51 51 52 51 45 49 50 47 47 43 46 42 48 43 51 47 51 49 45 52 49 44 50 50 46 48 47 43 48 43

Note : The PA DA or PR DR provided details may not be true. So it is recommended for every one to check PA DA status and build quality backlinks. After some days check your backlinks status.

Domain authority and page authority checker tools are available for you, so you can check and plan well in advance. We are providing list here to download. Remaining are available to download. Please feel free to comment your thoughts regarding Free directory submission list.

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