Why to Customize Http Error 404 Page not found Website Message?

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What is error 404? It is refer as HTTP status code. It is displayed when the server could not find the web page, post requested by browser. Have a proper message for this page or post. In this client is able to communicate to server. The given requested is not find by server.

404 page not found is shown when user attempt to ask broken or dead link. Website, blog owners have to create a proper message.

Why to avoid ” Error 404 Page not found”?

Need to avoid Error 404, this situation as it may have bad user experience. Create good custom messages 404 error page in advance. Such as we are sorry page requested not found. Try to have nice sentences in error message. 

And don’t forget to provide back to your home page. Allow user to click on the link or button to go back to the Home location of your website. This is good practice, that most of website or blog owners follow.

In the webmaster tools check for this HTTP 404 errors. Solve this issue by the available methods. 404 error also comes when user types wrong URL.

404 Not Found Error Best Practices:

  • Use custom 404 page to have better users’ experience.
  • On this page you need to have link that have to take the user to home page of your website or blog
  • You can also use 404 widget provided by Google.
  • Provide meaningful message on the error 404 not found page.

Designs of this page have to match with rest of the site. Error 404 Page not found is very important in SEO. So if your are optimizing a website or blog. You need to be careful about this error and fix this as soon as possible.

HTTP 404 Errors Examples:

In number of ways you can find the see code such as 

  • 404 Errors
  • 404 not found
  • 404 Page not found 
  • Requested URL not found
  • Users may come across other messages also.
  • Requested URL not found
  • Users may come across other messages also.

Is there are Page Not Found 404 Checker tools?

Yes you have many 404 Error page tools which are available online. By this you can check broken links or dead links details. It is also recommended to cross errors with other tools also. Some time one tool may not be effective for you. I hope you got understood.

Some of them are:

  • www.brokenlinkcheck.com
  • error404.atomseo.com

How to check 404 Page not found errors in Google Search console webmaster tools?
First this purpose you need to login into your respective Google Search console account.

  • Click on the website or blog for which you need to look for Page not found 404 errors.
  • Then Go to Crawl Tab : Then click on Crawl Errors.
  • Here you can find the information about not found errors for both Desktop and smartphone.
  • Google search console interface displays list of URL with response code 404 and last detected information.
  • I hope you got this. Click on each of them and try to solve each of them as soon as possible.
Does Google treat 404 and 410 status codes differently? Check Here

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