What is Duplicate Content in Google? SEO Penalty Causes on Websites

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What is Duplicate Content in Google SEO? It is content which match other content or similar. Remember that your content must only published on your website. It must not appear on multiple on your blog. 

For Marketing and other purposes also use fresh content, Don’t copy from your website. It is rightly side Google loves to have search content. Avoid same sentences in your article. Within the article don’t repeat to much content.

Don’t use same content in multiple URLs. From search engine point of view it will create a big head ache for you. If you have duplicate content make sure you inform Search Engine about this.

Duplicate Content SEO, results in following Issues:

  • Search Engine find difficulty which version to use for indexing
  • Which version of your URL to be use for Ranking

You must be aware of Google Duplicate content on your website as it effects your ranking and website traffic.

Don’t let search engines to choose from too many options.

What Causes Duplicate Content?

  1. Variation in URLS:

If multiple URLs are pointing to the same content. Then it will result in Duplicate content. As said earlier use a unique URL for your articles. Create user friendly URLs and use single URL source.



This is duplicate of


Mean to say both are pointing to the Same URL from different sources.

2) HTTP WWW HTTPS Versions

If you have same content on your website with www and without WWW it will create a duplicate content issue.

Same thing is with HTTP and HTTPs. Use only version for your website with Www or without Www. Don’t get confused, use a unique URL version for your website.

If you decide to use www make sure all url got indexed with www. Remove non www URL version from search engine. 

Google not recommends blocking of duplicate content. Allow search engines to crawl URLS and mark them as duplicate as by using rel=canonical.

2) Copied Content

If you share your content on other websites Like Facebook Etc. It may cause duplicate content issues. So to avoid this for marketing purpose use newly created content.

How to avoid Duplicate content issues?

If you have multiple urls pointing to same content. Then use 301 redirect. What you will do is point to single URL with 301 direct. Redirect users from multiple locations to single location. By this you will have stronger relevancy and in turn you can increase your ranking in search engine.

Make use of 301s : If site owner has restructured website, blog then use 301 for redirection. Find Duplicate Content On Website and implement 301 step by step.

2) Use Rel=Canonical

What this attribute do?

This informs the search engines particular page to be treated as copy of special URL location. Hence it will sends signal to search engine that particular url is copy of other URLs.

For Example:


Add this code to HTML add of duplicate page or post.

You can use Meta Robots no index but it is some what risky as it may have indexing issues.

Duplicate Content SEO Penalty:

If content is duplicated in order to rank in search engine or to get more traffic this results in poor user experience. Avoid 
Avoid using the same content. Google is serious about content and index pages with distinct information. Check for Duplicate Content through out your website.
Take steps to address Duplicate Content issues.
  • Have consistent internal linking implement in right way.
  • Use top level domains to deal with country specific content.
  • Publish the Real content.
  • Understand How your content is displayed on your site?
  • Minimize similar content, create a unique content.
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