What is Digital Ocean Droplet and How to Create it Online?

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What is Digital Ocean Droplet ? In this article you will learn about What is Digital Ocean droplet and other useful stuff. It is necessary for you to know all the technical terms related to this hosting.

If you decide to choose Digital Ocean hosting, then it is highly recommended before starting journey with DO, you know about various concepts. At the end of this article you need to find answer to this question how to access digital ocean droplet and use its server.

So coming to the Point What is Digital Ocean Droplet?

In Digital Ocean hosting cloud servers are referred as Droplets. So when you create a droplet, actually you are creating a new server for your requirements. Digital Ocean servers offer great performance to its users. It is exclusive for developers. But However others also can use it with proper knowledge.

Now How to Create Digital Ocean Droplet?

Creating a Digital Ocean droplet is nothing but your are getting signup for hosting of your website.

Step 1:

Go to www.digitalocean.com website

Step 2:

Then navigate on Products and click on droplets.

Step 3:

You will find droplet digital ocean page. Click on Create account or go use sign up option. I already created use Log in option. You can also signup with Google account.

Step 4:

Signup with Email Address and Password. ( Make sure you use right email address and remember your password.

Step 5:

once you have created your account. Then go ot create tab under this click on Droplets.

Step 6:

Next step is to choose an image.

Here you have 3 options.

One is Distribution, other is container distribution and one click apps. ( You can choose any one not an issue)

Click on Ubuntu. 

Step 7:

Under Backups choose Ubuntu 512 mb or other one

Step 8:

  • Choose a size. ( Select digital ocean droplet pricing)
  • Under Standard Droplets.
  • Select any one based on your requirement.

For Example : 1GB, 2GB.

Remember here that later you can increase the size of droplets. Initially choose as per your requirements.

Step 9:

Choose a Data center Region.

If your website traffic is global you can go with Newyork, Etc regions.

Step 10:

Select Additional options, in this you have

  • Private Networking
  • Backups
  • IPV6
  • User Data
  • Monitoring

Step 11:

Add SSH Keys ( This provide more security)

You can give any name like yourwebsitename@home

Step 12:

Finalize and Create :

Here choose hostname : Easy to remember

Finally click on Create

Hurray! Your digital ocean droplet is ready, you can now starting setting up your website.

What Next?

  • You need to configure your website.
  • Also learn how to upload files to digital ocean droplet?
  • If your are willing to have Word press then you need to setup as per the procedure.


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