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Welcome. Here you will find details about Digital marketing news, Google SEO updates, SEM ( Search engine marketing), SMM, SMO, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, PPC, WordPress, Blogger details.

Latest Google SEO News is very important for bloggers, Digital marketing Analysts, SEO Executives, SEO Analysts Etc people. If not you will miss a lot.  Be in touch with Google SEO Updates.

If you know about recent SEO news, digital marketing updates  do share with us at Thanks. Try to help blogger community. Below is latest digital marketing news related to SEO and other areas. 

Latest Digital Marketing News | Google SEO Updates:

Google to update Image Search

After update you will see Stories feature, Google Lens Support and Featured videos in search

Google to lift ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

From October, Google is accepting cryptocurrency ads

Google advice webmasters not to worry about spammy links

Google made clear not worry about spammy links too much, as it is normal

How to rank better in Google search engine?

  • Build a strategy
  • Do competitors analysis

Google Ads will now show videos in Showcase shopping Ads.

Previously only images can be shown in Showcase shopping ads, now you can see videos in ads.

Based on relevancy Google Displays dates of articles/posts

John Mueller says Google displays articles dates, publication date, last modification based on relevancy.

Google Ads : Exact match search will display related ads

Now for exact match Google ads will also be display for related keywords

Use less Java script for proper mobile first indexing

John Mueller says if you make use of lot of Javascripts, then such sites may be prevented for mobile first indexing.

Google Launched Dataset Search engine

You can find number of datasets by using new search engine from Google called as dataset.

Chrome launched new address bar called as Omnibox

Omnibox provides short answers to queries within the address bar

Google to use service worker Technology on Android
For Android search results Google is using “server worker technology” by which repeated search results can load fast.

Bing Ads made changes to its Tab for Advertisers

Bing Ads updated new titles for various tabs.

Google to put restrict on Third party tech support providers

Google took the decision to put restriction on Third party tech ads in order to have good eco system for advertisers.

Google New Search console version is out of Beta status

Google officially removed Beta Status for new version. Now you can use the button named as use new search console.

Google to ignore Edu Links.

Google says they ignore backlinks from .edu domains.

Google Converts PDF and other Documents to HTML for indexing purpose

Google Converts PDF, .doc, .xls files into HTML for indexing.

YouTube Users can view how much time they have spent on videos

From your account you can know how much time you completed on YouTube Videos.

Google’s John Mueller advice website owners to have clean structure of their home page.

Avoid linking to every page from a home page.

Google says that if you make changes to Anchor Text

If you update or make changes to anchor text, internal linking then it can make changes to sites ranking. You need to make search engine better understand about your anchor text and internal linking.

New name of Google TEZ is Google Pay

Google changed the name of TEZ app to Google pay.

Now you can navigate between multiple Languages in Google Assistant

While having a particular session in single language, now you can change the language within the same session.

Changes to CDN will affect the Google Crawling

If you make changes to CDN or remove it then, it will effect the crawling process.

Google may launch new design for desktop search results.

The users may see new design for the people who are using Google search engine desktop version.

Soon with Google Analytics tool you can verify your sites in search Console Account.

By using Google Analytics tool you will be in a position to verity your website in Google webmaster search console account.

Meet the New Facebook Tool for creation Mobile Video Ads:

Popular social media site Facebook launched new tool to create mobile video ads.

Facebook decided to stop 5,000 Ad Targeting options

In order to stop misuse of advertising network Facebook to stop five Thousand targeting options.

Google Analytics Account to show Google Images Data

In coming days, you will see Google images data information in your Google Analytics account.

Now Google search console account will display details on Links URL

New Google search console beta version is displaying details about External, internal links, top linking sites, Top linking text( Anchor text), URLs are displayed for you.

Keep checking Google updates for SEO, Digital Marketing, SMM, SEM, PPC, Social media Etc.

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