How to smartly convert JPG to Word files offline and online?

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In earlier days, it was difficult to convert the scanned image or document into an editable word document. You had to retype the entire text of the document which was such a tedious work. But technology is now advanced. At this moment, a large number of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software are available. There are various convert JPG to Word files converter software online.

This technology makes your work easier. You can convert your scanned file into an editable word document without any delay or error by using Convert JPG to Word tools. OCR software recognizes the scanned characters as they are written in the file. 

Difference Between Offline and Online File Conversion

There are two types of OCR software:

  1. Online File Converter
  2. Offline File Converter

JPG to Word Converters Online and Offline

Online File Converter

You can Convert jpg to word online. The work of the Online File Converter is to do the online conversion of your image or document into an editable word document. The process is simple. You have to google to find the online OCR. Once you get it, open the website. You will see the “convert” option, click on it. Learn about PNG image format from here.

You will get your file into a word document. You may feel it is a quick process, but there are some drawbacks. As it is an online OCR, so there is a less chance that your file will be confidential. The problem of sluggish browser performance may appear. So, it can be a time-consuming process.

Offline File Converter

You need to download an OCR software for Offline File Conversion. There are various OCR software available at different prices, but to avoid confusion, you can download JPG to Word Converter or you can download it from the company’ website:

Offline File Conversion has many features. When you convert your scanned document into a word document, you find high accuracy and well formatting. You can also extract or compress your file. It supports foreign languages such as Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian, Galician, Portuguese, Icelandic, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Luxembourg, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian, Galician, Portuguese, Icelandic, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, US English, French, German, Spanish, UK English, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Gaelic, Catalan, Basque and Scottish, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Afrikaans, Irish. It can also protect your file by giving security features of password protection and watermark.

The process of conversion is very easy. It takes a few steps to convert your file:

  1. Once you download the software, you need to install it.
  2. After installation, open the file to be converted from the software.
  3. Now, select Word as the output format.
  4. It is time to click on the “save” button.
  5. The file will be converted into an editable word document.

Final Verdict

Hence, both the JPG to Word, converters are available to convert your file. It depends on you which one is suitable for you.

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This Guest post is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of printing, scanning, image editing, file formats, file conversions & document security. He is also the owner of a software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.

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