How to Create Breadcrumbs WordPress Navigation? With or Without Plugin

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Breadcrumbs WordPress Navigation is important concept for the bloggers. Using this visitors can quickly navigate to the previous section, home page of website or blog. Breadcrumbs WordPress Navigation got lot of importance in SEO. Learn in detailed about Breadcrumbs for WordPress and implement for your blog or website. Breadcrumb Navigation is known as Hierarchical Navigation.

Many bloggers use this navigation as secondary navigation which allows particular website visitors to easily navigate through various links, portion of website. Famous Search Engine Google uses Breadcrumbs navigation in URL of SERP that is search engine result page. To use Breadcrumbs without plugin you need to have some coding Language. Most of users use Yoast SEO plugin, in that Breadcrumb navigation option is available. 

For Example : Home page > Section page > Subsection page

By viewing more Breadcrumbs in SEO examples you can have a good idea. 
It appears horizontally. Commonly use hierarchy separator is sign > It is also called as breadcrumbs trail. Here trail: series of signs, objects
Child is next breadcrumb in the hierarchy.
Advantages of Breadcrumbs in SEO :
  • By using this users can easily navigate.
  • They do not take lot of space.
  • By using this you can reduce bounce rate of your blog, website. Bounce rate is important factor in SEO. You must reduce your bounce rate for better result of your website. Users must spend time on your articles and require to navigate to related topics.
  • Use this in a meaningful way only, when it is needed for you. Try to have better user experience.
  • Based on requirement use breadcrumbs. If you are using a wordpress website then you can implement it by using a WordPress Plugin.
  • It can be location, path and attribute based.

Breadcrumb NavXT : WordPress Plugin You can implement Breadcrumbs on your website using this plugin. As per the information from it got 70K+ installations. You can customize breadcrumbs on your website with this WordPress plugin. Click Here to download this plugin. Under general settings you have options like

  • Breadcrumb Separator
  • Link Current Item
  • Paged Breadcrumb
  • Home Breadcrumb
  • Home Template
  • Blog Breadcrumb
  • Blog Template
  • Attachment Template
  • Remember that Taxonomies option is also available. Where you have fields like
  • Category Template
  • Tag Template
  • Post Formats
  • Topic Tags

Under Miscellaneous you have:

  • Author Template
  • Date, Search Template
  • 404 Title

Last option available is Extension. you also have options like Import/Export Reset Etc Another WordPress plugin name is “Breadcrumb” by pickplugins

  • By this plugin you can show Breadcrumb Navigation on your website by means of Short Codes. You can use custom separator text also.
  • As of know this plugin got more than 10,000 Installation. Premium Version is also available for you.
  • Pro Version offers more features for users. Check Here to know more about this plugin.

Breadcrumb option is also available in Yoast Plugin:

  • As per the latest Yoast SEO Plugin Version.
  • Under search appearnce you will find Breadcrumbs option.
  • If you want to use, then you need to enable Breadcrumbs and entire the desire settings.

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Do share your experience with us. How you have implemented this techniques? Which plugin is best for Breadcrumb Navigation. 

Thanks. Comments and Valuable suggestions are always welcome. 

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