List of High Productivity Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

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Apart from blogging tools, you must also know about various best Google Chrome extensions for your work. Some productivity optimization chrome plugins to make your work efficient and faster. google chrome web store extensions make your task easy for SEO related operations.

Here is the List of List of High Productivity Best Google Chrome Extensions

1. Grammarly: – It will correct your Grammatical errors for promotional content.
2. Google Translator: It will be used for blog commenting. You will be able to comment other languages websites.
3. Nofollow : Use to check no-follow links .
4. Mozbar: Specially to know DA and PA.
5. Ahref toolbar: You can backlinks status of website.

6. KW everywhere: It will give you some idea about keyword volume and number of search terms.
7. Link Extractor: It is used to extract all external links of an opened website on a new tab.
8. Newsfeed Eradicator – Helps you to avoid scrolling addiction.
9. Adblock: To block un necessary ads.
10. Eyecare – If you really care for your eyes.
11. Hunter – Use to extract all email ids on a particular website.
12. SERPtrends – Gives information about search results and ups and downs in SERPs since last checked)
13.  WP Theme Detector – To detect themes of other websites.  Just to buy or get that theme.
14. CMS Detector – To know what CMS other websites are using..
15. VPN – It is use to change IP. there are many Google chrome vpn extensions.
16. Open Multiple URLs: If yo have a team to check there work, it can open any number urls at a time.
17. Websiteblocker: you can block any website 

18. Alexa: Find alexa for particular website.

19. Link Miner: Use to find broken links.

20 . One Tab : Allows you to open multiple tabs.

Othe Extensions includes:

  • ScribeFire
  • Buffer
  • Break Helper
  • Bit.Ly
  • Rapportive
  • Wisestamp
  • Lazarus
  • Shorten By Text United
  • Ginger
  • Trashmail
  • Pushbullet
  • Ballon For chrome
  • StayFocused
  • Google Publisher Toolbar
  • Pocket
  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Last Pass
  • World Clocks
  • WunderList
  • Cookie manager
  • Note Anywhere
  • Email Hunter
  • Toby for Chrome
  • SessionBox
  • Tamper Monkey

Gmail Related:

  • Crystal for Gmail
  • Gmelius for Gmail
  • Boomerang For Gmail
  • CheckerPlug for Gmail
  • Gmail Offline
  • GMass

Content Related:

  • Beeline Reader
  • Writer
  • Readability
  • Google Dictionary

Social Media:

  • Mix
  • Pinterest
  • Google +1 Button

Images Related:

  • Wookmark
  • HoverZoom
  • Search By Image By Google

WordPress Related:

  • PageXray
  • WordPress site Manager
  • Headlinr
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • WordXpress
  • BlogLovin
  • Archive Poster

Use all the above Google Chrome Extensions for Legal use only. Avoid bad techniques.

Final Thought: 

  • It is not possible to use all the above extensions at a time. You may face internet speed issues. So better to use few of them based on your requirements. 
  • It is also becomes a big task to manage all of them.
  • Or else you can do one thing. download google chrome extensions, install and after work then disable

Do you know any more best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers., please do share with us.. It will be very helpful for blogger community. 

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