How to Backup Blogger Blog- Posts At Google Blogspot Platform

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How to Backup Blogger Posts? called as Blog Spot is the free platform to build your brand and do blogging. It requires terms and conditions of Blogspot to be followed. Google has a right to delete your blog at any time. It is highly recommended to take backup of your blog at regular intervals. Keep your precious work safe. Sometime due to some errors you may loose your data. Number of blogs and websites are hosted on the blogger platform. 
So that you can use your content in the future. You must take periodic backup of your BlogSpot as per your convenience. It will help you to regain your data. You can do backup of your posts from Blogger platform itself. Do remember that backup is done in the format of .XML. Important to note that at-least take Blog Backup.  
Always remember that don’t use any copied content in your blog posts. If Blogger team finds this, then they have full right to delete you blogspot blog without giving notice. So always build fresh and unique content. Take care of your user experience. Make necessary arrangement for Blogspot Blog Backup.
 How to Backup Blogger Posts? In Easy Way
Some people use Blogger platform for hosting. Such website owners must take regular backups of their blogspot posts, Articles and keep them save.  If not you may face a huge difficulty at last. Backup Blogger posts content time to time. If not all your hard-work will go in vain. 
How to Download An Entire Blog?
Take Blog Backup and save in Google Drive. If you made changes in your blogger theme, then you can also get back your data from the backup. Copy your hard work, dedication save. Learn in depth about How to Download An Entire Blog?.

Step by Step Blogspot Backup:

1) Sign in to your blogger account.
2) Go to your particular blog for which you want to take backup.
3) On the left hand side you will find settings tab.
Backup Blogger Blog Posts
 4) Under settings Click on Other: Here you will option called as Backup content.  Click On this and proceed.
 Do remember that right now import content option is not available. So only option left is backup content. 
Blogspot backup
Backup Blogger Blog on time
5) Click On Backup Content:
6) Then  Click On Save to your computer.
File will be save on your computer in .XML format. Keep this in separate folder later you can use this to use for Blogger Platform. Please remember this Blog Backup can also be used for WordPress. If your are planning to shift from Blogger to WordPress. When you take Backup blogger and your posts will be in your hand. In future you will not face any kind of difficulty. Always be safe and take care of your hardwork.
Other method other than Manual Process:
Blogger Email: You can enable email feature which is present in settings. For every post you publish, you will receive it in your email. 
We hope you got clear understanding regarding of How to Backup Blogger Posts?
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