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List of Dofollow forums websites to get effective Backlinks: If you are looking to have a targeted traffic to your website and to get higher position of your site in Google. It’s better to go with the right, white hat technique instead of wasting time in doing some black hat techniques.  If you follow wrong means, up-to sometime your website ranking will be Ok, but in future you may face lot of problems.

Commenting on forums and blogs one of the white hat technique, which will fetch you both traffic and good position in Google. Every time try to use Genuine methods in order to get Free Backlinks. Apart from On Page optimization, off page promotion is also important for you. Gather Do–follow forums list allow signature links and take part in the discussions

What are all types of Backlinks Links building needed for websites?

What is Forum Posting?

By this method new users login to various Forums and take part in the discussions.

Types Of Forums: There are various types of Forums. For Example Related to Technology

Relate to Medicine Etc Every forums got it own rules and have its own interface. For Example you will find Discussion Boards, Bulletins Boards Etc.

Who Moderates Forums?

Forums are generally moderate by Forum owners. Senior Forum members are also given authority to allow discussion in forums.

What is Thread in Forum?

It is referred generally as particular discussion. A forum can have number of threads. Apart from getting Quality backlinks from some forums you can also increase your knowledge.

For Example : A forum related to SEO. From this you can increase SEO Knowledge.
Share your content where people spend time. For Example Facebook, Twitter. 
  • Keep in mind every time don’t spam everywhere. 
  • Know about Best ways to Increase Backlinks.
  • Share your content as per the rules and regulations.
  • By this way you will not get banned and your account will be active for Long time. 
Generally people in the forums and blogs are very active and they will respond to your posts or queries quickly. Also, some forums or blogs provide a Do–follow link to your website.  Check
Best online forums with do–follow links and start building your links.
What are Backlinks?
Backlinks are links which in turn direct to your blog. Here they are two types Internal and External Backlinks.
  • You get Internal Backlinks from within your site.
  • External Backlinks you got from outside source.

Are Backlinks Still Important?

Yes they are still important.

How to Do Backlinks?

You need to use various tools to find Competitors Backlinks and place your links on such websites. Then monitor. Detailed article on this will be available for you.

“Sorry we are not taking about Blackhat Techniques here”

As they verify the every user before doing any actions. For getting a good SEO backlinks to your websites it’s better to be active on forums and blogs with having a good domain authority and they provide Do–follow links. Select niche Google forums or blogs and spent daily spent time to contribute your something to that.

Here is the list of forums which provides a Do–follow link to your site:

    •          Siteowners Forum
    •          V7nForum
    •          CNET Forum
    •          Digital point Forum
    •          Joomla Forum
    •          Site Point Forum
    •          Affiliate Marketing Forum
    •          Mysql Forum
    •          ShoutersLands Bloggers forum
    •          MyGame Builder Forum
    •          Warrior forum
    •          File Sharing Forum
    •          Deviantart
    •          HTML Forum
    •          Geek Village Forum
    •          PhpBB Forum
  •          Webhosting Forum
Don’t follow the forum which does not belong to your business. Regularly raise and answer the questions to show your active presence and your not a fake account. Many high Domain Authority  forums and blogs will not allow fake accounts to post and they will simply block the person. Answering a questions must  have some valuable answer which satisfy the readers.
Once again don’t spam. Make sure other forum members not know any suspicious activity from you. Once you complete the process check Backlinks after some time by suitable SEO Tools.

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