What is Anchor Text in SEO World? Learn How to Implement

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What is Anchor Text in SEO?Meaning: In Simple words it is consider as clickable text that is visible to the users. When visitor or user clicks on it. It will be redirected to the mentioned source ( this can be your other article, page link or to other websites). Linking is done for your own website or to other websites.
Why Anchor Text is important?
Anchor Text in SEO is most important concept. Website ranking is dependent on this. Number of backlinks are built are using it. From Anchor Text Definition we came to know that it links to other pages. It helps in ranking your website and blogs.
How to anchor text in Word (Keywords)?

Anchor Text HTML Format  is given as: 
<a href=”…”>Text</a>. 
Anchor Text Example: 
If you have mentioned as :
<a href=”https://www.facebook.com/”>Faceboook</a>
Here now the Facebook is visible to the user and it is clickable. Whenever someone clicks they will visit www.facebook.com. Points to remember here is that linking can be in internal ( within the site ) or External ( To other sites ).
It is recommended that you need to use the Anchor Text that can be use to easily NavigateUse the Keywords in the Anchor Text. It is recommended by the Google to use the descriptive Anchor Text.

It will help both users and search engines to understand about you content.

Remember that you need to go as per the rules of the search engines. Learn how to implement anchor text in wordpress and optimize your article well.

Get details on the Anchor Text, Definition, Link, Code, Checker, Generator and text-Anchor.

What are the Types of Anchor Text?

There are 6 Types of Anchor Text in SEO

1) Exact Match:

This type contain Exact Match Keywords. For Example: Digital Marketing. A Clickable link is used for word digital marketing.

2) Partial Match:

This type contain partial match keywords. For Example: Digital Marketing Strategies. Here You link to just Digital marketing excluding word strategies.

3) Generic:

Here you use call to actions Like Click Here, Check Here, Apply Here to link.

4) Branded:

For Brands this type of is used. For Example: Link given to Facebook.

5) Naked:

In this linking is done to direct url For Example: www.facebook.com

6) Images:

When you upload images for your websites. In blogger and WordPress you use Alt attribute. Google considers this as Anchor Text.

Too Many Anchor Texts:
Avoid to many exact same anchor texts (exact keywords linking) as it may result in Google Penalty. Always go safe, avoid over inter linking. Think about long run and use better SEO methods. 
Keep in mind, Google search engine is very smart, don’t try to fool Google. Many websites with White Hat SEO Techniques are already running in millions of dollars. Have a clear understanding about Anchor text backlinks.

Remember These SEO Anchor Text Tips :

  • Don’t use anchor text like this page, Article Etc. Let it be professional
  • Use anchor text which is related to the content of the Article or Website.
  • Avoid Using URLS for example www.google.com as Anchor text.
  • Don’t use long sentence of paragraph. Have better user experience.
  • Site Visitor need to be in position to differentiate between normal and Anchor text. 
  • It is advice to provide Anchor Text for internal links too. (But limited, don’t over use)

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Are you aware of more tips about Anchor Text in SEO. Do share with us. 


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