What is Affiliate Marketing Link cloaking? How to Cloak Links?

Affiliate Marketing
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What is Affiliate Marketing Link cloaking? Affiliate marketing has become competitive these days. You need to implement genuine techniques and become a successful affiliate marketer. You need to also be-ware of Hackers as they try to steal your commission. You must know about the Affiliate link cloaking techniques.
What is Link cloaking?

It is process or method to replace affiliate code with an affiliate link which is difficult to find or recognize. By link cloaking you can protect your affiliate commissions.

So simply modify the affiliate link so that it is not recognizable.

Examples of Link affiliate Cloaking:
www.amazon.com/products/product id=1244& affiliate-234
Now cloak Link is
  • Try to develop a brand in the link and it should look professional.
  • Keep on checking affiliate link should not be replaced with other affiliate link. Otherwise your whole hard work will go as waste.
  • Some people when redirected to the affiliate links will chop off or remove the affiliate part and visit the website. In this case also you can use affiliate link cloaking to avoid such situation.
  • If Link cloaking is properly implemented you can
  • Increase affiliate sales from Email Campaigns.
  • You can easily manage links
  • You can also increase your click through rate.
  • Use WordPress Plugins to optimize your website for cloaking affiliate links.
Following are the Affiliate link cloaking Plugins. 
  • Easy Affiliate Links
  • Pretty Link Lite
  • Geni. Us
Please share your comments and give your valuable suggestions. Which WorPress Plugin you use for affiliate marketing, please do share with us. Thanks.

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