A Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Adwords Quality Score Fast?

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Google Adwords Quality Score is an estimate of quality score and AdRank. It is very important in Google Adwords. Ad with high quality score can lead to lower prices and better Ad positions.

Quality score is the way of balancing interest of all the parties in the online advertising ecosystem.

Google is serious about the AdWords Quality Score. Its looks for the user experience. It wants user to come back.

Adwords Quality Score influence four things:

1)      Eligibility: Checks if your ads are eligible to take part in auction. Know more information on ads eligibility as per Google Adwords Policies.
2)      Position: Finds relative position of your ad with other related ads.
3)      Price: A better quality score reduces price you need to bid to maintain a position.

4)     Top slot: High quality ads only will appear above of natural, organic search results in SERP. So be careful in optimizing your ads and make sure it is as per the guidelines.

What contributes to Google AdWords Quality Score?

1)      Click through rate CTR:( How many times people actually click on your ad )

You need to have high CTR. If it is high it is indicator that user found the ads relevant. It is key contributor to quality score. Learn more about CTR and its best practices.

2)      Relevancy:

  • How relevant your keywords to query.
  • It looks for various indicators.
  • It also checks for specific location.
3)     Landing page: (advertising ad page)
High ranking ad will not be drive into bad landing page. Learn how to make a perfect landing page for your marketing needs.
  • Quality of landing page is influence by
  • Query keyword creative
  • Ease of navigation
  • Page loading time
  • Internal links Etc.
  • Doorway pages
  • Pages with only ads ( Limit your ads as per Google Adwords rules)
  • Google give estimation of quality score 1 to 10.
  • Each keyword got quality score on scale from 1 to 10:
  • Here 1 is lowest score and 10 is highest.
It does not depend on factors such as
  • Search terms
  • Type of device
  • Language
  • Location
  • Time

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