What is Cyber security definition

What is Cyber Security definition? Its Career Demand n Salary

Cyber security Definition: It is protection of servers, computers, apps data from unauthorized access which are aimed to exploitation. It is vast topic. Please find below questions and answers for more information on What is cyber security definition. It is subset of Information security. Is Cyber security a Good Career? Yes choosing this field as […]

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What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security

What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security ? Types of Hackers

 What is Ethical Hacking in Cyber Security ? Let us first see what is hacking  Hacking : It is an act to attack computer system or network It involves misuse of computers, networks, smart devices to steal information and cause damage. There is unauthorized access into network, computer system. Hacking term first seen in 1970s […]

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what is CIA triad in cyber security

What is CIA Triad in Cyber Security ? Example | Benefits

What is CIA triad in Cyber Security ?  CIA stand for Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability Also called as CIA triad, three pillars of security. It is model which helps in Information security policies  of an organization. It helps in risk assessment. Infosec professionals take care about this. It helps to know what went wrong about security […]

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What is IAAA in Cyber security

What is IAAA in Cyber Security ? With Simple Examples

What is IAAA in Cyber Security ? It means Identification, Authentication, Authorization and Accountability. It frame work for access control.  Also called as Triple A model It is important concept to understand objectives of  Cyber security. Let see each of the term in detailed. Identification: Every user should be identified by unique ID You can […]

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How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress ? By GTM n Plugin

How to Install Google Analytics 4 on WordPress ? With and without Plugins You can install Google analytics 4 in various ways. Whatever may be the method effectively link your website to GA4. By using Google Tag manager: First you need to login to GTM. Difference between account set up and container setup? Account setup:  […]

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Yoast SEO WordPress plugin tutorial

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial Tips and Tricks

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Tutorial. Here you can find information about important performance metrics of this plugin. Yoast Plugin Best Tips and Tricks Go only with Premium version if you have enough budget. For Beginners free one is enough for you. Yoast Premium Plugin features: Can focus on Multiple keywords Orphaned Content: Interlinking strategy Automatic Redirection […]

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What is Encryption and decryption in cyber security

What is Encryption and Decryption in Cyber security with Examples

What is Encryption and Decryption in Cyber security? Let see each of them in detail. What is Encryption? It is process of encoding information by which only authorized individuals can understand. You can say readable format to un readable. It converts plant text to ciphertext (Secret code) for reading need to convert to simple text.  […]

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What is SEO

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization In Easy Language? How it Begin

What is SEO ? First of all its full form is search engine optimization. It is vast topic to discuss, once you go deep in this concept all things be clear for you. In simple words you can consider this as Internet marketing strategy. By knowing this once can know how search engines works, what users are interested […]

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